DJ Stingray, Moor Mother and Endgame Joined by Many Others at Berghain Tonight

Downstairs at Berghain, rave culture and bass futures give voice to community and identity; contrasting music activists sound the emancipatory potential of forward-thinking club music. The programme includes SHAPE platform -supported Sky H1, Philadelphia-based experimental hip hop artist Moor Mother, Yally, the new project developed by Blackest Ever Black duo Raime, UK legend Actress, and Detroit Drexciya affiliate DJ Stingray, whose sets are as life-affirming as they are merciless. Upstairs at Panorama Bar, future-tropical sounds abound as Staycore meets Bala Club. Hyped label/collectives Bala Club and Staycore meet via Endgame, Mechatok and mobilegirl. Tastemaker, Bromance label co-founder and Kanye collaborator Virgil Abloh appears for a special DJ set.

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