Vorspiel 2014

CTM and transmediale 2014 City-wide Partner Programme

Various venues accross Berlin
22.1. - 28.1.2014

Leading straight into CTM and transmediale festivals, Vorspiel takes place as a city-wide programme where a variety Berlin-based initiatives and venues invite the public to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks, and special events all over the city.

An initiative piloted in 2010, each year’s Vorspiel series invites participating partners to develop programmes reflecting on CTM and transmediale festival themes. The initial input for 2014 themes Dis Continuity (CTM) and afterglow (transmediale) was given as a set of keywords and questions from which each Vorspiel partner may elaborate a project or initiative representing their own individual or networked perspective of the themes. Connecting a wide array of cultural institutions, independent spaces, and art venues, Vorspiel 2014 highlights the diversity of Berlin’s lively and multifaceted cultural life.

What's the Time?

Opening: Fri 10.1. / 19h 
Opening hours: 11.1. –2.2. /  Tue–Fri 16–20h, Sat–Sun 12–20h 

Two decades of video art is a long time considering that the art form is only half a century old. This also means a lot of time to deal with the idea of time, which has always played a central role in video art, and is something that resonates particularly in the work of Maria Vedder. 

This exhibition has been curated by Maria Vedder together with several of her former students, and is a time-travel in two ways. Next to the juxtaposition of former and new works by the participating artists, relationships to time develop and evolve through the multiple approaches of the works being displayed.

Artists: Kaya Behkalam, Mathias Fitz, Mikko Gaestel, Niklas Goldbach, Simone Häckel, Baris Hasselbach/Transforma, Ariane Pauls, Daniel Urria, Maria Vedder, Juliane Zelwies.

Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik

Siemensstrasse 27, 10551 Berlin

ZK/U is an independent conceptual and production space in Berlin-Moabit . It considers itself a laboratory for scholarly and artistic work across the disciplines and media that engage with urban phenomena.

→ zku-berlin.org

Vernissage: Gratis – Januar/April I

Opening hours: Fri 17.1. / 18h

2014 im externen Programm der transmediale: die schweizerisch-ungarische Arbeit Gratis der Waschmaschinegruppe (Füsun Ipek und Bálint Liptay). Die ready made weiterdenkenden Künstler verlängern die Gebrauchspause von Straßen- und Flohmarkt-Fundstücken durch die Integration in Installationen: Schrott wird zu Skulpturen, Flaschen werden Teppiche und Straßengeräusche werden Musik. Anhand dieses Funktionalitätsgewinns verdeutlichen sie ihre alltäglichen Eindrücke und Erfahrungen in Berlin; zeigen Veränderung und Erneuerung, Statuslosigkeit in Übergangsphasen, Abstraktionen von Vertrautheit, Eroberungen und Widerstände.


Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117



Opening hours: Wed 22.1. / 16h
Concert 22.1 / 22h30–1h30, 5€

Have you ever had an epiphany that could only be explained by the inebriates ingested? Only to have that same epiphany come to you in a state in which you can't deny its existence? Welcome to "Sober", a night showcasing all the things that you thought were but weren't so sure existed, but you are faced to come to terms with its magnificence and delight!

Participants: Colloid, Privacy, Eiliyas, Jamie Allen Circuit Music, Visuals: Kasi Pani K

Naherholung Sternchen

Berolinastr. 7, 10178

→ naherholung-sternchen.de

Naherholung Sternchen is a new ArtSpace in the heart of Berlin. The venue is a former kiez-lokal (neighbourhood bar), and was also used as a political meeting room during the GDR period. We have revived this abandoned space and have created a special place for inspiration, relaxation and collective pleasure.

Online / Offline. /encoding the everyday life opening

Opening hours: Wed 22.1. / 19–22h
Exhibition: 22.–28.1.2014 
Finissage: 28.1. / 19–21h30

Exhibition featuring: Lindsay Lawson, Constant Dullart, Jodi, Nuria Güell, Sophie Lefraga, Sam Smith and Ellis Macdonald.

In the recently abundant texts about cartography, we sometimes find references to the tale Borges´ Del rigor de la Ciencia which narrates the past existence of a map, which scale was 1:1 with the Empire. We would like to propose as a reflecting element to this story another fiction by the same author: Funes the Memorist, which outlines a map in the same scale, not of the land but of the memory. It speaks of a map of time, which simultaneously serves as an (quasi) infinite archive of variations and possibilities. The main character takes a whole day to remember a day in its totality. Furthermore, he is able to enunciate, applying a game of association, every remembrance he has. In effect, Funes not only remembered every leaf from every tree from every hill, but each time he had perceived or imagined them.

Instead of the term “surf” used in the Anglo-Saxon world, in Spanish one started to apply “navigate” as a verb for describing the circulation trough the Internet. In spite of its aquatic relation, this different perspective appeared when the Internet became popular in the Spanish-speaking world, where the first widely used browser was Netscape Navigator. It lost the browser battle when Microsoft introduced the Internet Explorer, since the latter was always included in the operative system commonly used at the time. Later, Netscape liberated the code, which led to the emergence of Mozilla.

This inaccurate Spanish translation, stemming from the term “to navigate” instead of “to surf”, places the net hopelessly in a metaphoric position that brings it together with the idea of the cartography by way of navigation. If the term “to explore” had become popular due to the Microsoft browser, it could have generated a similar correlation. In fact, the internet is commonly represented in the form of a map. One could say, that there is a continuity within the history of maps and their usage. Therefore, their logic goes far beyond the mere circulation through the sources of information, the net creates a continued extension of the domain; a colonization of life´s spaces. This can be observed in the areas of use, which exceed the personal and the work space: email, social networks, desktop in the cloud, pornography, dating sites, maps, video servers and a large etcetera that amplifies, dominates and codifies the spheres of communication, emotion and action. And beyond this doppelgänger we find the physical reality: mobile devices, cable networks that cross the oceans and the applicable legal environment specific to each of the countries in which they are located. This set of techniques composes a digital skin over the space and the body, constituting a virtual and physical infrastructure of control, but also of affect, an emotional bureaucracy built of technological prostheses.

This project proposes an analysis of how those technologies are introduced in the everyday life, change the configuration of relationships and encode our perception of the world.

Altes Finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 - EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin

→ altesfinanzamt.blogspot.de

Altes Finanzamt is project of a collective of 12 artists with a wide variety of artistic and academic backgrounds. It is located in Schönstedtstraße 7, in Neukölln (Berlin), in what used to be the tax department of this district. This atelier is a space for rehearsing of a variety of formats, a platform for communication between different media and art forms. It is a supportive mechanism for artists and thinkers to connect their work and interact with other existing projects.

Capturing the Buzz: The Documentation of Participation

Opening hours: Thu 23.1. / 14h

Hackers, artists, scientists, curators and everyone in between - you are invited to join us for this special workshop! We will challenge ourselves with the question on how to capture the audience's participation of a time-based media artwork, mainly if a piece of art is going viral and people start to connect to the work in various ways - by sharing, commenting or remixing it online.

What does this mean for the documentation of this piece of art? Does participation bring about a new "version" of an artwork, with the participants as co-creators? Seeing that new dimensions and layers can be added in such ways, what does this mean for the lifecycle of a time-based media artwork - especially outside of the museum/ gallery context? 

This workshop will serve as an inventory for everyone who is interested in challenging their curatorial practice & reaching beyond the limits of artistic representation.

The workshop is free of charge, but online registration required!


Brunnenstrasse 64 13355 Berlin

→ supermarkt-berlin.net

Supermarkt is a center for cultural & creative resources in Berlin-Wedding, with lots of space for coworking, conferences, workshops and community gatherings. The Supermarkt team organises an ongoing event program based on digital culture and social innovation.

Das Loop

Opening hours: 23.–25.1. / various times

Das Loop is an online network dedicated to artists and event organizers. The platform is designed to streamline as much as possible all the steps of the booking and promotional process. 

A world map is provided to help touring artists organize their travels and find locations and promoters on the road, while a calendar makes it possible to search for availabilities in specific dates. 

The community starts with artists and organizers that constitute the independent scene of Berlin and several other cities around out the world. As a Vorspiel you will get an introduction to theplatform and invitation codes to take part of the beta testing phase. 


Thu 23.1. / 18–20h, Fri 24.1. & Sat 25.1. / 19–23h 
Das Loop Presentation

Thu 23.1 / 20h– open end / 3€
The Gondors / The Anna Thompsons / Canyon Spree & after party

Fri 24.1. / 23h– open end / 3€ 
Fettudräkt & after party

Sat 25.1. / 23h– open end / 3€
Futurism & after party

Futurisms: Empty Shells. Come in your most outlandish outfits. Your brightest sparkles. Your most visible wearable shells. Come dressed for glory. For meaningless sex. For beautiful fake smiles. This is the future. Empty shells of decadent hipster ravers served by spoiling robots. The future is now. Futurisms. This time, in CTM flavour. Decadence shall be experimentally festive.

Loophole ArtSpace

Boddinstr. 60, 12053 
→ loophole-berlin.com/2012/

Loophole Artspace is a sandbox for the arts. We host musicians, movie makers, theater projects, dancers, painters, photographers and pretty much everything else that is art related. Our aim is to create an environment where different genres and groups can come in contact with each others and establish new exchanges.

Connecting Cities

Connecting Cities – Urban Media Kitchen
Opening hours: Thu 23.1. / 19–00h

As a start to a series of events, on this evening Public Art Lab will open its doors in a kitchen-like atmosphere to bring together Berlin based and international urban media initiatives. Our guests are amongst others: Momentum (Skyscreen), Screencity (Daniela Arriado), DAM Galerie (Wolf Lieser), Genius Loci Weimar (Anke von der Heide), MediaCity (Bauhaus-University Weimar), trampoline (Anette Schäfer und Miles Chalcraft), W33 (Martin Stebbing), LEAP (Sandra Moskova), Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Jan-Gunnar Franke), University Leuphana (city planning Prof. Ursula Kirschner), Urban Aestetics (Tanya Toft, NY), Monika Fleischmann & Richard Strauss (Associated artists ZKM, Fraunhofer Society), Soenke Zehle & Henrik Elburn (xm:lab). The Urban Media Kitchen also opens the Telepresent Gallery.

Connecting Cities – Telepresent Gallery
23.–28.01. / daily 19–00h

The show room windows of Public Art Lab will become a Telepresent Gallery to show surveillance cameras from the cities of the Connecting Cities Network, which focuses on the worldwide presence of urban screens and media facades. The Telepresent Gallery is a depiction of an expanded perception of video control, of how we observe the world from its spy cam point of view. It focuses on questions, such as: How does the world look like from a spy-cam-perspective as video surveillance has become omnipresent? How do we think surveilance/sousveillance and video sniffing as observation becomes visible again, only as soon as something spectacular happens? What has become of the state of panic about loss of control and privacy and what do surveillance cams tell us about this? Away from performativity as a side effect when in presence of a visual recording device, Telepresent Gallery explores CCTV between invisibility and a certain surveillance-resistance.

Connecting Cities Lab – Artists’ Camp
28. & 29.1. / 10–18h

Together with the Connecting Cities curators, the internationally selected artists of the open call 2014 will meet and discuss their projects, strategies and practices, which will provide basic material for the Connecting Cities Workshop. The Artists’ Camp as an open forum is an attempt to identify, re-read and question media façades in a post-digital discourse.

Telepresent Gallery – Lecture / Artist Talk
28.01. / 19–00h 

Vilém Flusser has shaped the term telepresence. Daniel Irrgang, scientific assistant of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski, scientific supervisor of the Vilém Flusser Archive at the University of the Arts Berlin and researcher in the project Archaeology/Variantology of the Media, will introduce this theoretical concept in a short lecture. Also, the artists Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould will show the project “Picnic on the Screen“ as well as the selected project for Connecting Cities.

Public Art Lab

Brunnenstr. 72, 133555 Berlin
→ publicartlab.org

Connecting Cities is a project initiated by Public Art Lab Berlin in co-organisation with Ars Electronica GmbH Linz, BIS Body Process Arts Association Istanbul, FACT Liverpool, iMAL Brussels, m-cult Helsinki, Medialab Prado Madrid, Media Architecture Institute Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Riga 2014, Videospread Marseille and in association with University of Aarhus, Marseille-Provence 2013, MUTEK Montréal, Quartier des spectacles, Federation Square Melbourne and verve cultural Sao Paulo. In cooperation with ARTE Creative, Streampark TV and ikono.

With support of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union.

Skeleton of Hero World War III Carrier Pigeon Found in the Cloud with a Secret Message Still Attached to its Leg

Opening: Thu 23.1. / 19–21h
Exhibition runs until 21.2.2014

Ever since the NSA affair started the web is full of ironic remarks about the return of the carrier pigeon as a tap-proof, animal-based network technology. In short, as a meme, the carrier pigeon is to PRISM what the cat is to the world wide web.

In the current winter semester a group of Visual Communication students at the Berlin University of the Arts researched from a design perspective about the carrier pigeon‘s image as part of the military-industrial complex, resulting in designing a virtual dovecote in the showcase outside the UdK building at Einsteinufer. During the duration of the exhibition several versions of the dovecote wil be installed. The exact dates will be announced on the designtransfer website.

Artists: Valerian Blos, David Friedrich, Malin Gewinner, Jan Gieseking, Melisa Karakus, Marion Kliesch, Franziska Loos, Jessica Mester, Ann-Kristin Röhrs, Mario Sypel (seminar conducted by Martin Conrads and Franziska Morlok)

Berlin University of the Arts / designtransfer

Einsteinufer 43-53 10587 Berlin

→ designtransfer.udk-berlin.de

designtransfer is the gallery and transfer point of the College of Architecture, Media and Design at the Berlin University of the Arts for exhibitions, events and cooperations.

Urban Knights: Othernet

Opening hours: Fri 24.1.–Sun 26.1. / 11–18h

Urban Knights is a programme of events, which provokes and promotes practical approaches to urban change. The programme brings together people who are actively creating alternatives, which reflect or produce disruptions to our given city infrastructures, norms and perceptions. The 2014 programme will take place in Dublin and Berlin and focuses on independent infrastructures for civic and urban living.

As part of Urban Knights, Berlin 2014, and in partnership with Studio Weise7, we are hosting a special edition for transmediale & CTM. It includes a three-day "Othernet" workshop at Studio Weise7 led by Danja Vasiliev, the "Urban Knights" panel on 30 January at transmediale in the House of World Cuultures, and the "Othernet" demonstration and opening the same day at Studio Weise7.

Othernet Workshop

Have you ever thought about storing your family photos, notes and calendar events on your own home-server? Or would like to send an email directly between your computer and the computer or your recipient? Would you prefer to share your data locally within a circle of people that you trust or are physically present around you?

Othernet workshop addresses these questions by providing you with the tools and know-how to disconnect from the Cloud and re-engineer the Web.

The "Othernet" workshop is a three-day long workshop, which provides you with the necessary technical know-how. During the workshop participants will explore alternative systems for secure, communication and data exchange, unfettered from surveillance. Set-up and operational issues are explained, and open-source projects such as OwnCloud, OpenVPN, JaroMail, UnCloud, and Unhosted are presented. Participants will learn how to command and administer GNU/Linux based systems, use open-source web software and create their own communication systems and communal infrastructures.

Cost: 50 € → registration required → register at weise7.org
Further details → urbanknights.org

Studio Weise7

Weisestraße 7, 12049 Berlin
→ weise7.org

Weise7 is a studio jointly run by artists and engineers. Occasional public events include exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations of works developed by studio members and affiliates.

DIY Bio Lounge

Opening hours: Fri 24.1. 14–18h and 20–21h30

Art/Science Dialog: Theresa Schubert and Andy Adamatzky

Fri 20–21h30

Theresa Schubert (DE) is a post-media artist and works as artistic researcher and is a PhD candidate at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.

Andrew Adamatzky (UK) is Professor in Unconventional Computing in the Department of Computer Science, Director of the Unconventional Computing Centre, and a member of Bristol Robotics Lab at the University of the West of England.

In a dialogue between artist and scientist, Theresa Schubert and Andrew Adamatzky will introduce living amorphous computers made of the slime mould "Physarum polycephalum". Physarum is a large single cell, visible by unaided eye, which operates according to a certain biochemical logic. This makes it seem smart when solving geometric problems. Through impromptu experiments, analysis of artworks and research findings, Theresa and Andy will address the meaning of primordial creativity with emphasize on an emergence of post-humanism

DIY Bio Lounge with Rüdiger Trojok

Saturday 25.1. / 14–18h

Rüdiger Trojok studied systems and synthetic biology at the University of Potsdam, the University of Freiburg in Germany and Denmark Technical University. Currently he is building up a citizen science biolab in Berlin and actively promoting open source biotechnology in public, politics and the arts.

14–18h bio-hackathon
18 – open end DIY Bio Lounge, drop-in & drop-out; open bio lab; molecular cocktails; "Bioluminescence" installation by Sarah Chareza and Jessica.

DIY Bio Lounge, Drop-in & Drop-out; Open Bio Lab

Sunday 26.1. / 14–18h

"Bioluminescence" installation by Sarah Chareza and Jessica.
Participants: Rüdiger Trojok, Sarah Chareza and tba.

Art Laboratory Berlin

Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin
→ artlaboratory-berlin.org

Art Laboratory Berlin is a non-profit platform for projects on the border between the arts and related fields, especially science and technology.

Live Performance with sensor instrument Tosso

Opening hours: Fri 24.1. 19–23h 

"Tosso" is a one sensor instrument produced in 2006 by Shingo Inao. It is an acoustic and electronic string instrument that enables the player’s movements to be set into a musical expression through sensor technology. The instrument is made of wood and outfitted with six guitar strings. "Tosso" operates based on a two-axle acceleration sensor that measures inclination, located inside the instrument. The acoustic sounds, played with a bow, are recorded with a microphone that is set around the instrument's sound hole. The sounds are processed with several sound effects, which are assigned to the instrument movements. There are no pre-recorded samples in a Tosso performance: all sounds are recorded and processed during the performance. Through these means Tosso repeatedly shows the parallel development of acoustic and optical elements.

In the post-digital era we are all surrounded by dystopias, feeling the urge to turn back to our roots, the untouchable. Nowadays, human beings tend to find themselves in the void, in the burden of a significant crisis, but what if the so called, say, emptiness/vacuum we all scare of is a new, white, blank page allowing us to mingle with several questions?

Is digital everywhere, as one would be petrifies or is there other ways of using the traditional materials and create? In this manner Shingo Inao's "Tosso" would be a good example. Inao’s own creation is reverberating the space with electronic sounds through wood. The allowance of the material affects his way of performing with the instrument.

Apartment Project Berlin

Hertzbergstrasse 13, 12055 Berlin
→ berlin.apartmentproject.org

Apartment Project, which is established in 1999, is one of the first artist run spaces based in Istanbul and Turkey. Apartment project; which was started for interdisciplinary sharing, communion production and exhibiting opportunities; had been an open platform for solo exhibitions of artists from Turkey and abroad, interdisciplinary partnerships, presentations, and panel discussions. In this context AP, organized mobile studio practices also with the participation of initiatives in Southern Caucus and Balkan countries.

Since September 1st 2012, Apartment Project have been working on their projects in Berlin by suggesting several communal living and collective production models that focus more on process . Besides inviting artists and exhibition projects, it is aimed to generate collective and mutual communication, collaborations and different varieties of creation/production possibilities in Neukölln, where the project is based.

Solo exhibition of artist Gao Shiqiang

Opening: Fri 24.1. / 19h
Exhibition runs 24.1.– 19.2.2014

Solo exhibition of artist Gao Shiqiang with seleceted video works by the artist.


Schwedenstrasse 16, 13357 Berlin
→ projectspace.uqbar-ev.de

In spring 2007 cultural producer Dorothee Bienert, Dortje Drechsel, Marina Sorbello and Antje Weitzel have opened to the public a project space in Berlin-Wedding, a multifunctional space for exhibitions, meetings, presentations, seminars, conferences, screenings and workshops, featuring Berlin based and international artists. 

The project space uqbar is a derivation from the non-profit art association Uqbar - Society for Representation Research, founded in 2004 as platform for interdisciplinary projects and international cooperation. Uqbar e.V. aims at promoting contemporary art and culture, above all implementing, supporting and hosting projects, which dedicate themselves to the research and promotion of experimental, interdisciplinary artistic and cultural practices in the international context.

The name uqbar was taken from a short story by the writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). In Borges' "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" (1940) the word "uqbar" is an entry in a fictitious encyclopaedia. The word is a construct, a letter combination without meaning, used by the author in order to show how knowledge and meaning are constructed. The problem of the constitution of meaning, signification and interpretation is central to the discussion around the term of the representation.

Unsound @ Errant Bodies

Opening: Sat 25.1. 19h
Exhibition runs 26.1. – 2.2.2014 / 13–17h

Silence can be appreciated as the pre-condition for a sounded event – an empty room, a blank page, an open horizon allowing for the sudden movements of sonic energy. Silence never goes away, instead it is a shadow that follows, a double that supports as well as haunts the body of sound. Following such themes, the exhibition brings together works that take us closer to silence, materializing its underheard presence and appropriating it through states of observation. Silence is captured, as the unconscious of sound – the unsound that surrounds and ghosts listening.

Errant Bodies is launching its new collective initiative. Operating as a project space since 2010, we are pleased to undertake this new approach, developing projects and a program dedicated to the sound arts organized by its new working group of leading artists in the field. For the Vorspiel event, we will open this new initiative featuring works and propositions by the members of the working group, including: Boris Baltschun & Serge Baghdassarians, Anke Eckardt, Georg Klein, Brandon LaBelle & Jeremy Woodruff.

Errant Bodies

Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin
→ errantbodiesspace.blogspot

Errant Bodies is a project space dedicated to experimental work in sound, including performance, fieldwork and spatial practices. Through residencies, workshops, events and exhibitions, Errant Bodies emphasizes an engagement with process and dialogue, encouraging a dynamic and diverse approach to the sound arts. As a project space, it also intends to foster social and public activities, contributing to the creative scene in Berlin and its artistic communities. It is managed and developed through its working group, which includes Sam Auinger, Serge Baghdassarians, Boris Baltschun, Anke Eckardt, Georg Klein, Brandon LaBelle and Jeremy Woodruff.

Cosmic Death

Opening: Fri 24.1. / 19h
Runs 25.1.2014 / 12–19h / free entrance

Cosmic Death is a 2-day event of generative sound, video, and light installations and performances by the new-media collective, Panmediale. It will be hosted by Galerie Walden on the 24th and 25th of January, 2014. The group, combining influence from their myriad backgrounds and interests, is centered around an exploration and questioning of the term "new-media", taking the gallery space as laboratory for experimental electronic art. Cosmic Death will present interpretations of this theme within a variety of time-based works.

Artists: Dominik Eggermann, Mirka Flander, Reinhold Gottwald, Jari Haanperä, Franz Hugo, Rosemary Lee, Antti Pussinen, Wolfgang Spahn

Walden Kunstausstellungen

Hufelandstraße 35, 10407 Berlin
→ galerie-walden.de

Panmediale is a collective of artist/musician/programmer/scientist/performer(s) whom have created an open-framework laboratory for the re-interpretation of the term "new media".

The USB-Shuffle-Show (Two) Opning

Opening: Fri 24.1. / 19–22h 
Exhibition runs 25. – 26.1. / 12–18h / free entrance

The concept of the exhibitions is to present various work of art on various USB-devices. Via an open call, artists from around the world are invited to send in their flash drivers, containing one piece of art each. Every USB-stick will be presented in both - as an aesthetical object and as an autonomous space containing art. At a preview-station with a computer and multible USB ports visitors will have the opportunity to shuffle through the artworks and mix artpieces that have been turned in. These arrangements will then be projected into the physical space of the event from a presentation desk. Over the course of the show and through constact interaction with visitors and participants a variety of situations will continuously emerge and change. Through the playful discovery of each device and it's artpieve, through continuous connecting and disconnecting of the USB-sticks, every visitor can become curator of a momentary exhibition. Furthermore visitors will fet the opportunity to mix and copy the contributions and take some of the artpieces along on their own USB-devices. Individual work and arrangements will be bound this way for a short period of time and can be taken along and beyond the exhibition.

Institut für Alles Mögliche

Ackerstr. 18, 10115
→ i-a-m.tk

Institut für Alles Mögliche (Institute for everything possible / Institute for anything) is an artist run initiative that organizes several tiny art spaces in Berlin, creates projects and offers spaces to artists from around the world to collaborate.

Pilgrimage Minimal

Opening hours: 24.1. & 26.1. / 19h30–3h

Pilgrimage, togetherness, quality time meets Konzert Minimal or The New silence.

Participants: Koen Nutters, Johnny Chang, Morton Olson, Anastasia Freygang and others.

O Tannenbaum

Sonnenallee 27, 12047
→ www.o-tannenbaum-berlin.de

O Tannenbaum organizes various events ranging from metal karaoke to readings, dance nights, concerts, special food nights and more.


Opening: Fri 24.1. / 20h
Exhibition runs 25.–28.1. / 3 €, free for transmediale & CTM pass holders

Nekton is a light organism, an immaterial robot, a reactive object and a luminescent creature, floating in the empty spaces in between. Nekton is made of fiber optics, symbol of information highways, capable of carrying large amounts of information encapsulated in a binary format, that return to the original pre-digital function of a waveguide or light pipe. This project is based on the researches and the principles of biomimetics in the examination of nature in order to solve human' problems.

Nekton refers to the aggregate of actively swimming aquatic organisms able to move independently of water currents. Nekton can be contrasted with plankton which refers to the aggregate of passively floating.

Francesco Mancori, also known as Ran Ancor, is a Berlin based artist who is mainly dedicated to light research and video experimentation. He studied epistemology with a minor in computers, then started to work in between art and informatics. During last years he worked doing electronic AV live-set, vj, light installations and wearable permormances. Most significant elements in his video works are immateriality, movement and metamorphosis, visual fluxus, fusion with sound and space.

Cristiano Cesolari is a visual artist based in Berlin. Videos, digital arts, mechatronics, environmental sounds are part of his productions. His scientific studies' background and passion for science merge into his works to augment the concept perceptions in his productions. → More info here.

Platoon Kunsthalle

Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlin
→ kunsthalle.com

Platoon cultural development is a communication consultancy that specializes in energizing cultural movements and community events. We create sustainable relationships between brands and the artistic and creative subculture. To find out what we can do for you, contact us at mail@remove-this.platoon.org.

The Platoon Network is the global community of more than 6000 artists, creatives and thinkers that get together to support each other. some of their projects happen at Platoon, some don't. You can see the works and collaborations of the members of the Platoon Network  at platoon.org or on facebook.org/platoon.org

Support Your Local Ghetto / Ein Repair-Cafe für den Wedding!

Opening: Fri 24.1. & Sat 25.1. / 18–23h

Support Your Local Ghetto, performance

It’s all about the time in between creating all the digital tools + toys and having them integrated in our every day life. Actually its the most amazing moment in the life cycle of a tool. The work is done and now its time to play. → More information.


Participants: Visuals by Glitchr (LT), music by Brokenchord (LT, Black Acre), Vaiper Despotin (LT, Despotin Beat Club), BarbNerdy (Berlin, Support Your Local Ghetto).

Ein Repair-Cafe für den Wedding! Workshop

Mehr.Weg.Damit? Ein Repair-Cafe für den Wedding! Jeder kennt es: Man braucht es nicht (mehr), aber es ist noch zu gut für den Abfall. Also weg damit!? Doch wo ist eigentlich "weg"? Ein Teil ist kaputt, aber wo und wie reparieren? Schon mal von einem Repair-Café gehört?

Zur zweiten Runde der Reihe ZukunftsWerkStadt Wedding wollen uns mit den
Themen Reuse, Re- und Upcycling auseinandersetzen und Möglichkeiten vorstellen, wie wir Materialien und Geräte länger bzw. umnutzen und anderen noch zur Nutzung zur Verfügung stellen können. Mit dabei sind die Gründerin vom Nähprojekt vergissmeinnicht, eine Vertreterin von Kunststoffe e.V. (Zentralstelle für wiederverwertbare Materialien) sowie ein Vertreter der Müllkampagne Pankstraße.

Participants: WeddingWandler (Transition Town Wedding)

Panke e.V.

Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5, 13347
→ pankeculture.com

Panke is a creative multi-purpose space in Wedding. It is run by a collective of volunteers and is registered as a non-profit members organisation, a Verein. Its main aim is to promote experimental/fringe creativity in Berlin, as well as to offer an alternative meeting point for the up-and-coming creative scene of Wedding.

Einbruch der Dunkelheit

Opening hours: 25.1.  / 12h, 26.1. / 15–21h30

Internationale Konferenz zu Theorie & Praxis der Selbstermächtigung in Zeiten digitaler Kontrolle.

Die Kulturstiftung des Bundes veranstaltet in Kooperation mit der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz eine Konferenz zum Thema Transparenz und Verborgenheit. Philosophen, Künstler, Sozialwissenschaftler und Netzaktivisten sind eingeladen, über drängende Fragen in der Post-Snowden-Welt zu streiten.

Spätestens seit den NSA-Skandalen ist ein wachsendes Bedürfnis nach mehr Privatsphäre, mehr Verborgenheit, eben mehr „Dunkelheit“ im persönlichen Leben greifbar. Die Konferenz „Einbruch der Dunkelheit“ der Kulturstiftung des Bundes untersucht in drei Schritten die Optionen, Strategien und Techniken der Selbstermächtigung in der digital vernetzten Gesellschaft. "Kritik der Wachsamkeit" hinterfragt den Glauben an technische Lösungen und permanentes Angeschlossensein. „Politik des Schlafs“ befragt die einzig möglich scheinende Gegenposition nach Frei- und Schutzräumen für Rückzug und Entnetzung. Der dritte Teil der Konferenz, „Freiheit in Zeiten des Netzes“, sucht den Ausgleich zwischen Technikglaube und Technikentzug und aktualisiert die Forderung nach informationeller Selbstbestimmung.

Der Wunsch nach digitaler Privatheit war lange Zeit nur von Cypher-Punks realisierbar, die das Verschlüsseln von Kommunikation zur Kunst erhoben haben. Heute soll sich auch die Gesamtgesellschaft diesen Wunsch erfüllen können. "Einbruch der Dunkelheit" rollt das Feld von seinem dunklen Pol her auf: Welche traditionell wichtigen Geheimnisse, Privatheiten und Intransparenzen drohen verloren zu gehen? Welche neuen Dunkelheiten entstehen? Welche gesellschaftlichen Folgen haben diese Entwicklungen, und wie kann man steuernd in sie eingreifen?

Am 25. und 26. Januar 2014 finden in der Berliner Volksbühne moderierte Vorträge, Gespräche, Panels, Lesungen, Filmvorführungen, Performances und Workshops statt. Auf drei Bühnen wird parallel hingesehen, analysiert und diskutiert. Zu den Gästen zählen unter anderem der Futurist Bruce Sterling, Mitbegründer der Cyber-Punk-Bewegung und Kopf der Viridian-Design-Bewegung, ("Cyber-Grüne"), der Publizist Evgeny Morozov, führender Internetkritiker in den USA, der Privacy-Aktivist Jacob Appelbaum, der Sozialwissenschaftler Urs Stäheli, der Schriftsteller Dietmar Dath, der Philosoph Robert Pfaller und das internationale Künstlerkollektiv andcompany&Co.

"Einbruch der Dunkelheit − Internationale Konferenz zu Theorie & Praxis der Selbstermächtigung in Zeiten digitaler Kontrolle" ist eine Veranstaltung der Kulturstiftung des Bundes in Kooperation mit der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Konzept und Leitung: Krystian Woznicki / berlinergazette.de
Mitarbeit: Sabrina Apitz, Leonie Geiger, Florian Kosak, Chris Piallat, Magdalena Taube


Linienstr. 227, 10178
→ volksbuehne-berlin.de


Artist Talk: Frieder Nake

Opening hours: Sat 25.1. / 15–17h / No Fee, but RSVP please.

Lecture: Double and unique, what is special about the digital artwork

The pioneer of the early days, Frieder Nake, with 50 years experience in generative art, talks about the conceptual differences between digital and analogue art. It is the last day of the exhibition "No Message whatsoever: Frieder Nake and Friends"

Participants: Frieder Nake

Artists in the exhibition: Paul Brown, Harold Cohen, Hans Dehlinger, Ernest Edmonds, Herbert W. Franke, Wolfgang Kiwus, Frieder Nake, Georg Nees, A. Michael Noll, Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar, Casey Reas, Roman Verostko, Wolfgang Zach.


Neue Jakobstr. 6, 10179
→ dam.org 

Gallery dedicated to digital media since more the 10 years!

Disrupting Void

Opening hours: Sat 25.–28.1. / 17–23h  / donation at the door

Lingor Graf #0 (performative installation)

25.1. / 17–23h 

Participants: Helena Lingor & Jenny Gräf Sheppard

The project consists of a A/V performance/installation. A new collaboration between Helena Lingor & Jenny Gräf Sheppard that aims at the sonification of unheard phenomena in the realms of the postdigital era. Data sets of various kinds (such as the average amount of energy/per time unit used by social media or the frequency of memory backlashes induced by using Facebook as opposed to ‘classic’ media) will modulate specific sound sources or related parameters,to reveal connections & correlations of present-day phenomena emphasizing the presence of the human body in the midst of it.

Plug & Pray  (interactive installation)


Participant: Jörg Brinkmann

Google represent the most popular search engine no matter the involvement of NSA, commercial priorities or censorship criteria. What happens if you embarks on a search for "God"? Plug & Pray is an interactive installation that reveals a contemporary image of God based on Google's search engine for images. A computer connected to Internet & via a special software to Google Image Search. Visitors who wear two gloves connected via USB port to the computer, activate the search process. As the hands are held together in prayer,results are shown as a video projection, accompanied by a chorus.


Liebigstr. 12, 10247 
→ liebig12.net

Inspired by chemist Justus von Liebig´s empirical approach, Liebig12 is a non profit laboratory for the encounter between art and other disciplines.

50 Jahre Andreas Dorau Gala

Opening hours: Sat 25.1. / 20h

Es werden befreundete Künstler zusammen mit Andreas Dorau zum 50en Geburtstag eine furiosen Konzertabende auf die Beine stellen. Bedenkt man, mit welchen Kollegen Herr Dorau bisher zusammengearbeitet hat (Sven Regener, Erobique, Stereo Total, Justus Köhncke, Zweiraumwohnung, Maurice Summen (Die Türen), Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, Egotronic, ...), dürften diese Veranstaltungen mit Sicherheit einzigartig werden. Es wurde geleakt, dass die legendären DER PLAN sich in Originalbesetzung zu diesem Anlass auf die Bühne begeben könnten. Harren wir der Dinge, die da kommen.

Mit: Andreas Dorau, Egotronic, Justus Köhnke, Der Plan, Wolfgang Müller, Maurice Summen, Stereo Total, Dr Penis

Bi Nuu 

Im Schlesischen Tor 10997
→ binuu.de

Concert and Nightclub

Scope Sessions AV Performances

Opening hours: Sat 25.1. / 20–4h / 3 €

Scope Sessions presents a special evening of audio-visual performances for the pre-transmediale period with an international line-up of visual artist, musicians and djs. Join us on saturday 25th of january at Panke in Wedding!

21–21h45: tba (please check program online on scopesessions.org)
22–22h45: Tarik Barri 
23–23h45: Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf, anschließend: DJs (tba)

Scope Sessions @ Panke e.V

c/o Panke e.V., Gerichtstraße 23, Hof 5, 13347 Berlin

Scope is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. Our focus is on intermedia arts and technologies, but we love to be surprised..!


Opening hours: Sat 25.1. / 21h30 / 8 €

Arnaud Rivière

Trafic in the DIY area : metal pieces, wires and stuff stuck into the mixing board. Put the out in. This is not at all made for this, but why not.  A pick up, rather plastic one, explosion required, but re-enforced to resist. It has to take it.  Not necessarly using records, sometimes even metal one or other. Also captors, they go where they fall, or not, not always. With and via springs though.  Well, otherwise, feedbackophile, unshamedly, with both hands, Arnaud Rivière, 27 years old in 2001, is making his own with curves and accidents.  Uses bicycle to travel with pleasure in Paris but doesnt recieve much. → free.fr

Jealousy Party (Mat Pogo & WJ Meatball)

JP is an abstract r&b band founded in Florence, Italy, blending noise with free funk and idiosyncratic electronic collages in a personal way they call punca. Active since 1995 they built a personal and recognizable style even keeping their personnel constantly open to variations and flexible for specific explorations.

NK Projekt

Elsenstr. 52 2HH 2Etage, 12059
→ nkprojekt.de

NK is an artist run independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to Sound Arts. We are interested in taking part in the creation and support of a "culture", with a focus on experimental music, which could be defined as unusual, strange, extreme and unique music that pushes against the boundaries or definitions of what is considered musical. To this end we organise public events that promote non-mainstream cultural production, and provide a platform for discussing paradigms in music and its problematics. As musicians working within this field we felt that there was a lack of spaces with a multi-faceted approach in Berlin. By Multifaceted we mean spaces that take into account not only the production of this kind of music but also the theoretical discourse that surrounds it. This kind of discourse takes place during workshops, artist presentations, and our weekly user meetings of Open Source Softwares such as SuperCollider and Pure Data where not only code but ideas and approaches are discussed. As a hybrid space, NK is a meeting point, that attempts to cover the gap between academic institutional spaces and the independent cultural agents of Berlin. We are open to proposals from event organisers and independent curators that fit our vision and expand it.

Groove Noir // Catenaccio Labelnight

Opening hours: Sa, 25.1. / 22h
Concert with Benjamin Fehr (catenaccio) & Ryan Hawking (finefood)

Benjamin Fehr, the berlin based producer, Dj and head honcho of catenaccio records is permanently working on the development of groove noir. Artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Roman Fluegel, Falko Brocksieper, Jay Haze, Butane, Dana Ruh, or labelhead Benjamin Fehr I ffwd are working perfectly together towards the definition of "groove noir", which is the final destination of the label. Basses well under the radar, buzzing sounds, subtle darkness and stumbeling grooves grow together to the special irritating and hypnotizing idea of catenaccio records.

Benjamin Fehr is hosting the groove noir sessions, the monthly catenaccio labelnight at Paloma. Tt serves deep, dark and elegant electronics, one special guest (mostly from the catenaccio labelpool) is invited each time. This saturday Benjamins guest is Ryan Hawking from Switzerland, a soulmate in darkness and attitude, who is running the label finefood (where benjamin already released a remix, you can find a recent finefood podcast here.

Paloma Bar

Skalitzer Str. 135, 10999

Special Event Afternoon (SEA)

Opening hours: Sun 26.1. / 16–19h 

Special Event Afternoon (SEA ) – an announcement of ASN's activities accompanied by a presentation of art&science projects and artworks.

Art & Science Node

Yorckstrasse 80, 10-965 Berlin
→ artsci.be

Art & Science Node is an initiative for artists and scientists working in cross-disciplinary activities and supporting synergy between art and science.

UNorJUSTNESS - UNzuRECHT Fall A: Finanz | Case A : Finance

Opening: Sun 26.1. / 19h 
Installation runs 26.1. –8.2.

The video installation "UNorJUSTNESS : Finance" by Steffi Weismann + Georg Klein has 3 parts, which are brought in opposition to each other, visually and acustically. There are shown three forms of work, of earning money, of "making" money:

1 – Worker (Palm Oil Plantation, Indonesia)
2 – Trader (Commodities Trading, Switzerland)
3 – Investor (CopyTrader Promotion, worldwide)

All three forms seem to be independent but are connected in the globalized world: the worker in Indonesia produces palm oil, which is traded by commodities traders in Switzerland (Switzerland is the main platform worldwide for global commodities trading) which get financing by private investors all over the world.

The three videos show in a documentary, pure style three ways of earning money: physical work, non- physical work and the promise of making money without any effort for small investors by the so-called 'CopyTrading'. Looking on the 3 videos the question appears: What is the right wage for which work ? What is commensurability in the economic world?

Part 1 and 2 are confronted directly by projections hanging vis-a-vis, visible from both sides, building a space in between, where the third part can be seen on a little monitor. The two hanging plexiglass panes are vibrating by transducers, which make the plates to special loudspeakers, producing an extraordinary acoustic space. Visually the two different worlds of working are separated. Acoustically the sounds of the worker and the trader mix in one space. The third part can be seen and heard by only one visitor who has to go in between the two worlds of working atmospheres. There he is confronted with a promotion to invest his money in the most easy way, which is based on the work of the others.

Apartment Project Berlin

Hertzbergstrasse 13, 12055 Berlin
→ berlin.apartmentproject.org

Apartment Project, which is established in 1999, is one of the first artist run spaces based in Istanbul and Turkey. Apartment project; which was started for interdisciplinary sharing, communion production and exhibiting opportunities; had been an open platform for solo exhibitions of artists from Turkey and abroad, interdisciplinary partnerships, presentations, and panel discussions. In this context AP, organized mobile studio practices also with the participation of initiatives in Southern Caucus and Balkan countries.

Since September 1st 2012, Apartment Project have been working on their projects in Berlin by suggesting several communal living and collective production models that focus more on process . Besides inviting artists and exhibition projects, it is aimed to generate collective and mutual communication, collaborations and different varieties of creation/production possibilities in Neukölln, where the project is based.

FLUID Casting Session

Opening hours: Tue 28.1. / 18–22h / free entrance

FLUID is VIRUS, SEX, DRUG & CONSPIRACY. Set in a post-AIDS future, the mutated AIDS virus gives birth to gender fluid Ø GEN. These Ø GENs whose white fluid is the hyper drug for the 21st century. The Government dispatches drug-resistant replicants for arrest missions. The tangled multi-thread plot involves underground druglords, the glitched super agents, the scheming corporation and the corrupted government. Admit yourself as a fluid junkie for a super hyper viral ride.

Participants: producer: Jürgen Brüning, director: Shu Lea Cheang, casting director: Paula Alamillo, open call casting members, the public


Schlesische Str. 38, Haus F, 3rd HH, 10997 Berlin
→ mindpirates.org/verein/

Mindpirates is an international artistic collective on art, sociology ecology, uniting visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers and curators.

Douglas Coupland McLuhan Lecture 2014: Space Junk

Opening hours: Tue 28.1. / 18h30–20h / entrance free / registration required http://www.mcluhan-salon.de/en/calendar

Die diesjährige Marshall McLuhan Lecture mit dem Titel Space Junk hält der kanadische Schriftsteller und Künstler Douglas Coupland am 28. Januar 2014 in der Botschaft von Kanada. Couplands Arbeit beschäftigen sich mit McLuhans Medientheorien im Kontext zeitgenössischer Kultur und Gesellschaft. Anknüpfend an seine Kult gewordenen Aufzeichnungen über die ersten digitalen Arbeiter Microserfs in den 90ern bis hin zu den Digital Natives aus JPod (2006) und seiner McLuhan-Biografie You Know Nothing of my Work! (2011), wird Coupland seine einzigartige Art nutzen, Ideen auszudrücken – fast eine Art Stand Up-Comedy – um das Schicksal unseres Datenmülls zu erforschen und herauszufinden, wohin uns die Hyperdigitalisierung führt. Zwischen dem Sakralen und dem Profanen schwankend entsteht eine neue Form des Diskurses, die akademische und populistische Bereiche ineinandergreifen lässt.

Botschaft von Kanada

Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin
→ canadainternational.gc.ca/germany-allemagne
(bitte führen Sie einen gültigen Personalausweis mit sich und planen Sie ausreichend Zeit für den Sicherheitscheck ein)

still (not) moving

Opening hours: Thu 30.1. / 18–20h
Exhibition runs 9.1. – 20.2., curators' guided tour 30.1. / 18–20h

In the frame of the group exhibition still (not) moving with Yvon Chabrowski, David Claerbout and Albrecht Pischel a guided tour by the curator Prof. Dr. Dieter Daniels will take place at EIGEN + ART Lab on January 30, 2014 at 6 pm. The exhibition is on display until February 20, 2014. The Tour will be in German with English comments.


Auguststraße 11-13, 10117 Berlin
→ eigen-art.com/lab/

With the two galleries in the Spinnerei in Leipzig and Auguststraße 26 in Berlin, EIGEN + ART Lab is the third gallery which Galerie EIGEN + ART has been opened in March 2012 in the building of the former Jewish Girls School in Berlin-Mitte. The space of over 230 sqm divided on two former classrooms and a corridor is used to show exhibitions with artists that don't live in Berlin.

The idea of EIGEN + ART Lab is to show new positions in Germany or present them in a new context. For Galerie EIGEN + ART, the space gives a possibility to work with artists that are not part of the gallery's program also over a long period of time.

Drawing, painting, writing – Lab[au]

Opening hours: Fri 31.1. / 19–21h
Exhibition runs 1.2 – 2.4.2014

Die Künstlergruppe Lab[au], bestehend aus Els Vermang, BE, Manuel Abendroth, DE und Jerome Decock, BE, präsentieren eine Reihe von teilweise interaktiven Installationen. Die Skuplturen verbinden generative Software mit verschiedenen Darstellungsmedien wie Bildschirmen, Robotik, Elektromotoren, Licht und Sound. Ihre Werke werden regelmäßig international ausgestellt und sie waren in diesem Jahr u. a. in der Ausstellung “Noise” im Begleitprogramm der Venice Biennale 2014 mit ihrer Skulptur Pix Flow  #2 vertreten.

Eine ihrer jüngsten Arbeiten m0za1que besteht aus weißen Quadraten, die auf vertikal bewegliche Stäbe montiert sind. Die gesamte Fläche besteht aus 64 Platten, die sich computergesteuert auf und ab bewegen. Die Beleuchtung in den RGB fügt dem sonst sehr minimalistischen Spiel der Ebenen eine poetische, farbige Ebene mit Grund– und Mischfarben hinzu.

Lab[au] stellen regelmäßig in Asien, Europa und Nordamerika ihre Werke aus so z.B. im Ludwig Museum, Aachen; Seoul Museum of Art, BOZAR, Brüssel oder New Museum, New York. Ihre Arbeiten befinden sich in bedeutenden Sammlungen weltweit.


Neue Jakobstr. 6, 10179
→ www.dam.org

Future Past – Past Future

Opening hours: Sat 1.2. / 16–18h
Guided tour with artist talks and discussion

During a tour through the exhibition artists and curator talk about the works on display. Representatives of the Goethe Institutes Athens, Ankara and Sofia inform about the ArtUP! project on whose initiative this exhibition was realised in cooperation with transmediale. A following discussion offers the opportunity to get into conversation with all participants.

With curator Sandra Naumann, artists Sirin Demirel, Egemen Demirci, George Drivas, Can Sungu & Malve Lippmann, Raycho Stanev (NAGLEDNA), Yorgos Kakanakis & Yorgos Konstantinidis (The Erasers) as well as Katerina Gkoutziuli, Pavlina Mladenova, Nico Sandfuchs, Gerlinde Buck, Bianka Reckenbeil as representatives of the Goethe institutes Athens, Ankara and Sofia and transmediale festival manager Markus Huber.


Brunnenstrasse 64 13355 Berlin
→ supermarkt-berlin.net

Supermarkt is a center for cultural & creative resources in Berlin-Wedding, with lots of space for coworking, conferences, workshops and community gatherings.The Supermarkt team organises an ongoing event program based on digital culture and social innovation.


Vorspiel is organized by reSource transmedial culture berlin, and the CTM and transmediale festivals, in collaboration with the project spaces and initiatives participating in this edition. If you are interested in contacting the reSource team and getting to know Berlin spaces and initiatives active in the fields of art, technologies, and cultural production, please subscribe to resource-net, the reSource trasmedial culture mailing list.