CTM / transmediale Collaborative Programme

A/V performances and workshop at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Robert Henke "Lumiere".

As part of a recurring collaboration, CTM and transmediale present three special audiovisual performances in the HKW auditorium for their 2014 editions. Despite a diversity of approaches, the works performed by Lucky Dragons, Dinos Chapman, and Robert Henke all display a post-digital sensitivity to inter-media performance, which speaks to both CTM’s Dis Continuity and transmediale’s afterglow themes.

Virtuosity and audience bedazzlement play as much a part as does breaking-down technological constraints so as to mix high- and low-tech with different artistic styles and expressions. Simultaneously referencing composition, science, and the legacies of electronic music, video art, and visual music, these performances take audiovisual performance beyond the inertia of VJ-style After Effects to delve into a post-digital revolution aesthetic of sensational ambivalence and tension between analogue and digital and between the improvised and the pre-defined. Both CTM and transmediale aim to transgress boundaries of art, science, and popular culture. Featuring performances that also move across these domains demonstrates that by incorporating aesthetics of dis continuity, a potent vitality in inter-media approaches still exists in the afterglow of the digital.


"Anonymonth" Workshop by PAN & Avant

This year’s programme also includes a special workshop by PAN collaborator Mat Dryhurst, curator, musician, and an editor of Avant magazine, who will lead a workshop on his experimental publishing concept Anonymonths. Presented in collaboration with Avant magazine, the workshop on Thursday 30.01. invites publicly-known artists, curators, and creative thinkers to anonymously contribute critiques and opinions on contemporary culture, creating a powerful opportunity ask difficult questions and break from consensus through a combination of invisibility and credibility.

Dinos Chapman

Performances include the German premiere of a new triple-screen live A/V project by Dinos Chapman, one half of enfants terribles The Chapman Brothers, performing on Friday 31.01. in support of his recent, Luftbobler release inspired by insomnia, horror movies, and boredom.

Lucky Dragons "Actual Reality"

On Saturday 01.02., duo Lucky Dragons premiere a new instalment of "Actual Reality", a multimedia work that began with a simple Google search for the words "actual reality" and continues to develop over the course of several iterations, each version processing and re-synthesizing previous realities.Dinos Chapman

Robert Henke "Lumiere"

Last but not least, CTM brings its Sunday 02.02. Closing Concert to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt to celebrate its anniversary together with longtime partner transmediale, with whom CTM has worked to present one of the world’s largest annual platforms for reflection on the cultural significance of new technologies and digital culture. The evening features frequent CTM collaborator Robert Henke, known for his peerless Monolake productions, in a German premiere performance of his stunning new sound and laser show, "Lumière". An exploration of the synchronicity and divergence of light and darkness, slow movements and sudden bursts of motion and noise, Lumière elevates Henke’s expertise as he commands three powerful lasers to draw repeating shapes, ephemeral objects, and ultra short pulses of light in an improvised dialogue where shapes create sonic events and vice versa.


HKW, Thu 30.01.2014, 11:00

Workshop with Mat Dryhurst
, Olof Mathe, Sam Hart


HKW, Fri 31.01.2014, 21:00

Dinos Chapman

Actual Reality

HKW, Sat 01.02.2014, 21:00

Lucky Dragons

Lumière – CTM & transmediale 2014 Closing Concert

HKW, Sun 02.02.2014, 21:30

Robert Henke