CTM 2018 – First Artists & Projects Announced

What is the sound of turmoil? What are aesthetics of tumult? Which other sonic and musical responses could we conceive of to counter the current overload of agitation? As it inquires into these questions, CTM 2018 Turmoil renews and strengthens a commitment to welcoming a wide range of artists and audiences with diverse backgrounds. The pain and sadness of Belgian metal group Amenra, the camraderie of gabber stars Darkraver and DJ Panic, the desire and rage of Medusa's Bed (Lydia Lunch, Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka, Swan Meat's explorations of body dysmorphia, techno body music from locals Schwefelgelb, and more, investigate and propose diverse paths, sounds, ideas, and communities through which to navigate Turmoil. CTM 2018 also presents a focus on music's intersection with dance via Rashaad Newsome's "FIVE Berlin", and a retrospective on pioneering choreographer and composer Ernest Berk, by Company Christoph Winkler with group A and Rashad Becker with Pan Daijing.

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