CTM 2015 in Sound and Image


CTM 2015 x NTS

To kick off its 16th edition, CTM joined up with London's NTS Radio, which set up camp at Where's Jesus? in Kreuzberg and broadcast for 2 hours a day over the course of the festival. Here you can stream different studio sessions with artists participating in and associated with CTM as well as several live sets from the festival venues themselves. 

→ NTS's Full Collection of CTM Recordings

CTM 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

CTM Festival Live on RBMA Radio

Red Bull Music Academy Radio broadcasts the live CTM 2015 performances by Teki Latex, Gajek, Phoebe Kiddo, Sote, Carter Tutti Void, and Simian Mobile Disco. 

CTM live at RBMA Radio

CTM 2015 Discourse Series

Recordings of almost all talks and lectures of CTM 2015's discourse series. Adding up to some impressive 15 hours of audio.

Lawrence English on Carhartt Radio

A radio show put out by Carhartt and curated by Lawrence English. The show features English's own music as well as tracks by fellow CTM artists Gazelle Twin, Alec Empire, and Emptyset.

Dry Magazine's Hacklab Portrait

Dry Magazine's collection of images from the 2015 MusicMakers Hacklab.

CTM 2015 Gallery by the CTM Photography Team

Our CTM 2015 Flickr gallery with photos by the festival's team of photographers.

CTM 2015 Galleries at Photophunk

Marco Microbi's annual photographic documentation of CTM Festival. Here you can also find pictures of all other CTM editions since 2000.

Resident Advisor's CTM 2015 Image Collection

A collection of photos from CTM 2015 on Resident Advisor.

CTM Instagram Page

CTM's Instagram page has been updated with several photos from over the course of the festival.

CTM 2015 on YouTube

Watch live videos from the festival on our 2015 YouTube playlist.

Always Here for You: Claire Tolan

Always Here For You: 1 from Claire Tolan on Vimeo.

Short cell phone documentation from Claire Tolan's ASMR exhibition at Kunstquartier Bethanien. 

Sol Rezza's "In The Darkness of the World"

 A live video of Sol Rezza's performance at CTM. 

Moon Wheel's Favorites

A CTM 2015 review in music, compiled by Olle Holmberg.

Resident Advisor's Talk with Craig Leon

A recording of a conversation between Craig Leon and Will Lynch of Resident Advisor from the CTM Discourse Series at Kunstquartier Bethanien.

Interview with Nisennenmondai

An interview with Nisennenmondai by the people at Clouds Hill Recording Studio in Hamburg, conducted at the band's CTM performance at Astra in January.