CTM 2015 Daytime Programme

Kunstquartier Bethanien
26.1. – 1.2.2015

Transfer takes shape as an interdisciplinary laboratory and meeting ground for professionals and members of the general public.

Discourse series

The Discourse series of talks, lectures, panel discussions, a a collaborative workshop with transmediale festival on Media Archaeology as Artistic Practice. Highlights include a focus day on Archaeoacoustics  with Iegor Reznikoff, Paul Devereux, and Rupert Till, as well as a day centered on the theme of Alien Agency, with Chris Salter, Andrew Pickering, and others.

Exhibition and Installations

The CTM 2015 Un Tune Exhibition opens Friday 23 January, and continues running after the festival, well into February. This festival edition also presents the immersive "Ilinx" installation running over 4 festival days at HAU3, and the "Rotationsstudien" installation by Jan St. Werner and Karl Kliem at the HAU2.

MusicMakers Hacklab

The MusicMakers Hacklab, a 6-day, open, collaborative environment in which participants learn about new technologies and get their hands on making their own musical inventions, hosts several public lectures throughout the week with artists and thinkers such as Kelly Snook, Marco Donnarumma, Rachel Armstrong and more. The Hacklab hosts opening performances on Friday 23 January, and culminates in a Finale performance programme on Sunday 1 February.

Networking Activities

Several networking activities are presented this year, including the launch of a new 3-year project involving 16 European organisations via the SHAPE Meet & Greet, the ICAS Speed Dating session allowing artists, professionals, and the public to meet and speak with a diverse range of curators and festival organisers, and an Education Networking Day for graduate students and professors working in fields of audio, arts, media and related disciplines.



With many events presented free of charge, the Transfer programme aims to intensify the exchanges between artists, musicians, cultural workers, music technology developers, researchers, students, and industry professionals.


Transfer is supported by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd., and with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.