Un Tune Exhibition

With its annual exhibition, the CTM Festival explores the possibilities and limits of music and sound, and their interference with contemporary art. The 2015 exhibition sounds out various threads connected to the festival theme Un Tune.

Exploring the power of modulating physical and mental states through phenomena such as ASMR, flicker, sensory substitution, psychoacoustics, neo-psychedelia, acoustic alarm response, inter-brain synchronisation, tactile disturbances and more, the featured artists approach human as well as non-human bodies in disquieting and emphatic ways.

Artistic experimentation with the affective and somatic effects of sounds and frequencies opens up possibilities of tuning and de-tuning the composite that interconnects body, matter, energy and machines, but also of atmospheres, spaces, communication and situations. "Un Tune" also serves as an overarching metaphor that refers to the potentials that might be unlocked by temporarily destabilizing our hatibual and consensual states.

With works by

Anita Ackermann, Anke Eckardt, Emptyset, Graw Böckler, Derek Holzer, Matthijs Munnik, Nik Nowak, Konrad Smoleński, Claire Tolan, Mario de Vega, Zorka Wollny, Zimoun.

Nik Nowak "Booster 2.13", installation, 2013.
Matthijs Munnik "Heliosphere", installation, 2014.
Anke Eckardt "GROUND", installation, 2012
Anita Ackermann, "What We See, Sees Us," installation, 2014. Photo by Florian Reimann.


Opening: 23.1.2015, 19:00

Runs: 24.1–22.2.2014 | KKB Kunstraum Kreuzberg

During CTM: 24.1.–1.2., daily 12–22:00

All other days: 12–19:00 

Exhibtion Works

Anita Ackermann[DE]

"What We See, Sees Us"
Installation, 2014

Anke Eckardt[DE]

Multisensory installation, 2013 / 2014

Claire Tolan[US]

"Always Here for you: ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", installation with live performances, 2015

Derek Holzer[US/DE]

"Delilah Too"
Installation, 2015


"Imprint 1-3"
3 objects, 2015

Graw Böckler[DE]

"Speaking Synchronously"
Video, 2012

Konrad Smoleński[PL/CH]

"Energy Hunters"
Video, 2011

Mario de Vega[MX]

"Should I Stay or Should I Go"
110 dB signal, activated randomly
Installation, 2015

Matthijs Munnik[NL]

Installation, 2014

Nik Nowak[DE]

"Booster 2.13"
Installation, 2013.


"25 woodworms, wood, microphone, sound system"
Installation, 2009

Zorka Wollny[PL]

"Songs of Resistance"
Video 2014