CTM 2015 Un Tune Magazine

This special 104-page publication presents critical approaches to CTM 2015's Un Tune theme in essays and articles authored by music journalists, researchers, theorists, and artists.

The magazine incorporates and excavates the Un Tune theme through a multiplicity of approaches, from discussions of the use of sonic weaponry in psychological warfare to the healing power of ASMR, and from “archaeoacoustics” to inspection of the racial politics of Berlin’s techno scene. Articles address the use of classical music in public spaces as an anti-loitering tactic, AutoTune’s potential to neutralize gender binaries, and the observation of sound as a manifestation of unexplained, paranormal phenomena. The collection also features of a handful of artworks that relate to the Un Tune theme.

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The CTM 2015 Magazine costs 9 € and is available in Berlin at Motto. Anyone outside Berlin can order the magazine online via the Motto Online Shop.

Copies of the CTM 2014 Magazine are also available through the same retailer.

Design & layout by Marius Rehmet of Vojd.


Un Tune
By Jan Rohlf

Un-sound: Sound, Affect & Alien Agency
By Chris Salter

Sound & Ancient Sacred Places
By Paul Devereux

The Horizon of an Untuned Ear
By Lawrence English

Sound in Motion: Understanding Space
Jakub Juhás in conversation with Lucio Capece

Always Here For You: On ASMR, AutonomouS Sensory Meridian Response
By Claire Tolan

You Don't Know Me, But I Know You
By Annie Gårlid

A Memoir of Disintegration
A project by Soundwalk Collective featuring Nan Goldin, Samuel Rohrer, live visuals by Tina Frank, and excerpts from the writings of David Wojnarowicz

"White Brothers With No Soul" — Untuning the Historiography of Berlin Techno
Interview with Alexander G. Weheliye by Annie Goh

T Talk
Lorenzo Senni in conversation with Marc Schwegler & Remo Bitzi

Ambivalent Sounds and Systems
Nik Nowak in conversation with Heimo Lattner

Rough Muzak — Affect & the Weaponised Use of Classical Music
By Marie Thompson

Sonic Anomalies
An Interview with Eberhard Bauer & Michael Schetsche at Freiburg's Anomalies Research Institute (IGPP) by Annie Goh

Listening to Wetware Circuitry – Sonic Experimentations and Algorhythmics
By Shintaro Miyazaki

"Viruses, Like Art, Need a Host. Preferanly a Popular One."
Virus painting by James Hoff

Sonic Beams – On the Perception of Ultra-directed Acoustic Radiation
A conversation between Toby Heys & Anke Eckardt

Internal: AUDINT (Phonoccultural Studies)
By Marc Couroux