Thursday at CTM: Portrait of Minimalist Pioneer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Holly Herndon, Kuedo, Forest Swords, Iceage and more

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler by Barbara Fahle

Daytime program continues with talks, workshops, Hacklab, and Exhibition.

The evening program starts off at HAU2 will the ongoing Pulse Lab II installation as well as an entire evening of performances of works by minimalist pioneer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler. Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory give their second CTM.13 performance at HAU1, while Berghain runs two parallel programs between it's main room and the Kantine. The second of four collaborative performances with the transmediale festival also takes place over at the House of World Cultures.

Evening Program

// 16:00 - 20:00 / HAU2 / *FREE*
Pulse Lab II: Works for Wave Field Synthesis 
Students of Robert Henke's Sound Studies Masters Program

// 20:00 / HAU2
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
New and older pieces played by Werner Dafeldecker, Ensemble L'art pour L'art, Agnieszka Dziubak

// 20:00 / HAU1. In collaboration with HAU
Elements of Light
Pantha du Prince & the Bell Laboratory
*SOLD OUT. Tickets may become available at the door*

// 20:00 / Berghain
Science of Synthesis
Kuedo live A/V with MFO, d'Eon, Forest Swords, Holly Herndon, A Cell of One

// 20:00 / Berghain Kantine
Caustic Neverland
Iceage, reliq, Oneirogen, Wife, Reznik

// 21:30 / HWK / In collaboration with transmediale.
Consequences (One Thing Leads to Another)
People Like Us

Full Program for Thursday January 31st