Nusasonic Arrives in Manila for WSK 2019

Nusasonic will arrive in Manila for the 2019 edition of WSK Festival of the Recently Possible. Taking its name from “wasak,” which means “shattered” or “destroyed” in Filipino, the festival welcomes a diverse range of cross-disciplinary artistic activities. WSK will host Nusasonic residencies via a Hacklab and The Gangan Series Workshop Lab for improvisers and composers. Concerts welcome the likes of Gabber Modus Operandi, Betty Apple, Madam Bwakeva and the Bwakeboyz, Meuko! Meuko!, marum, and more. The Floaters Stage wanders through the public spaces of Poblacion, Makati, culminating in the presentation of work by Yennu Ariendra and Erik Tuban. Laure Boer, supported by Berlin’s MusicBoard, will take residency over two months.