CTM 2014 in Sound and Image


CTM 2014 Trailer

CTM 2014 at Boiler Room

To kick off its 15th edition, CTM Festival joined up with Boiler Room in Berlin. Live sets from legendary German duo Mouse on Mars, Conrad Schnitzler affiliate Wolfgang Seidel, Dasha Rush, and Berlin-based duo These Hidden Hands are now streaming. 

CTM Festival Live at RBMA Radio

Two driving forces behind CTM Festival drop by Red Bull Music Academy Radio's Berlin studio to talk music and preview the 15th edition, Dis Continuity.

CTM live at RBMA Radio

Pitchfork CTM 2014 Image Gallery

CTM 2014 image gallery from Pitchfork. Photos by Tonje Thilesen.

CTM 2014 Gallery by the CTM Team of Photographers

Our CTM 2014 Flickr gallery with photos by the festival's team of photographers.

CTM 2014 Galleries at Photophunk

Marco Microbi's annual photographic documentation of CTM Festival. Here you also find pictures of all other CTM editions since 2000.

Intro CTM 2014 Image Gallery

CTM 2014 photo gallery on Intro.

Generation Z : ReNoise Exhibition Opening

Barbara Mürdter of Popkontext documented the impromptu jam on the noise instruments at the opening of the festival's exhibition Generation Z : ReNoise. Read her short review and take a look at her photos of the exhibition here.

CTM Workshop: Charles Cohen at Schneidersladen

Master synthesizer improviser Charles Cohen explained his philosophy and work with one of Don Buchla’s 1973 Music Easel, a rare, performance-oriented portable synth made from two modules of the Buchla 200 series.

CTM Workshop: Charles Cohen @ Schneidersladen from Andreas Schneider on Vimeo.

RA Exchange: Robert Henke at MusicMaker's Hacklab

Live from the Hacklab at CTM, a true innovator of electronic music explains his work method.

CTM Festival on Berlin Community Radio

CTM Festival co-founder Jan Rohlf talks with Berlin Community Radio to discuss the festival and its 2014 theme, Dis Continuity, and play some tracks by featured artists.

Mørbeck at Panorama Bar at CTM 2014

Listen to 90 minutes of Mørbeck's DJ set at Panorama Bar during CTM 2014.

Hyperaktivist Live at CTM 2014

Venezuelan DJ Ana Laura Rincón aka Hyperaktivist live at CTM 2014.

MusicMakers Hacklab

Rockajoint documented some of the activities at this year's MusicMakers Hacklab. In this interview co-facilitator Darsha Hewitt explains the importance of collaborative processes in developing new technical interfaces for making music.

Leslie García / Lessnullvoid explains her project developed during MusicMakers HackLab at CTM 2014.

"Symphony for Small Machines" by Leslie Garcia and Stefano Testa at the MusicMakers HackLab final showcase.

Peter Kirn put a recording of his Hacklab project "Chorophon" on Soundcloud.

A reinterpretation of samples taken from the Generation Z : ReNoise exhibition developed by Noumeno in the Hacklab.