Sign Up for the MusicMakers Hacklab!

Submit music project ideas to hack for 4 days and build what you imagine by learning and collaborating with master artist/technologists. Free CTM.13 Festival pass and a chance to show/perform your results at the Berghain Kantine.

We don't want to just talk about the future: we want to invent our own Golden Age. The MusicMakers Hacklab at CTM.13 will be an open, collaborative environment in which participants can learn about new technologies and get their hands on making their own musical inventions. It's a space in which people can build a rapid prototype of anything they imagine, creating new ideas around music making and creation, from composition to performance and DJing.

We're inviting people across media to encourage collaboration: musicians, developers, artists, designers, people working in skills like sound and music, but also code, fashion, visuals, and industrial design and craft.

Throughout the week, we'll welcome artist and developer presentations from Keith Fullerton Whitman, Imogen Heap, Lucas Abela, Tim Exile, Ali Demirel, Native Instruments, Ableton, and others to be announced. Participants will share hands-on skill sessions on topics like physical computing and custom controllers, wearable technology and fashion, live visuals, Pure Data/libpd, Max for Live, Reaktor, OpenSoundControl, Quartz Composer, Processing, and more.

Submission Deadline: 11.1.2013

Hacklab Runs: 29.1 – 1.2.2013

Participant Info

Selected participants who have proposed a project idea will be named official Hacklab Fellows and be provided with:

› A free CTM Festival Pass;
› Highlighted profile on CTM and websites;
› The chance to show your finished work at the live showcase at Berghain Kantine on 1 Feb, as part of the CTM.13 program.

In that spirit of sharing and community, the Hacklab will be open to walk-ins from both hackers and the general public.

How to Apply

To be part of the Hacklab Fellows program, please submit:

› A 150-word description of the project you'd like to execute;
› A 100-word bio;
› If you'd like, send us any images, sketches, videos, or websites you'd like to help us promote your participation and see what's inside your head. (optional)

Remember that you can include an idea about collaboration in your proposal - some Hacklab participants might want to join in your project.

Send your submission (and any questions/comments) to: by 11.1.2013.



Presented with in collaboration with SemiDomesticated and CTM. Curated by Peter Kirn. General Assistant: Derek Holzer.