CTM 2017 Starts Today!

CTM 2017 Fear Anger Love starts today with the opening of the "Critical Constellations of the Audio-Machine in Mexico" exhibition at Kunstquartier Bethanien. The MusicMakers Hacklab also traditionally opens in parallele at the same venue. This year's co-host, Byrke Lou, will be performing alongside 2016 Hacklab alumnus Arash Azadi, and DJ Uta. Duo Ganzfeld will hold the first of several guerilla interventions throughout the festival, and veteran producer Bjorn Torske and film director Ben Davis will discuss clips from the recent "Northern Disco Lights" documentary on Norway's space-disco scene. Torske will join Diskjokke and new voices Charlotte Bendiks and Boska at Panorama Bar tonight at midnight, for the first of many festival nights there.

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