Today's Discourse Programme Features Hacklab Talks and Panel on Women Organisers in Music

After a quiet Monday, the daytime programme at Kunstquartier Bethanien picks up again with talks supplementing the MusicMaker's Hacklab and a panel led by the Salt + Sass collective about female-identified organisers in the music industry. The talks, which will take place upstairs in Studio 1, will be given by Moritz Simon Geist, Gene Kogan, Estela Oliva, and Wesley Goatley. The panel, which will take place in the KQB Projektraum, features presentations and a "best practices" discussion by and with Kat Young, Christine Kakaire, Elissa Stolman, Aimee Cliff, Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, Coral Foxworth, Gilke Vanuytsel, Keira Sinclair, Johanna Grabsch, Lauren Goshinski, Pamela Schobess, Ruth Timmermans, Sarah Farina, and Zuri Maria Daiß.