Thank You!

Thank you to all of you – artists and participants, our 2018 partners, festivalgoers, our numerous volunteers, friends, and family – who joined us for 10 days of tumult, turbulence, excitement, elation, and shared experiences. From the thunderous opening concert performances through 200bpm anthems, cathartic drum swells, and lush, immersive drones, the festival has been an occasion for us to congregate and temporarily counter turmoil via empathy and an openness to listening and experiencing together. We'll be publishing numerous lectures from our Discourse series near the end of the month, and stay tuned for further broadcasts from Berlin Community Radio, featuring a selection of performances from this year's lineup. In the meantime, the spectacular SKALAR installation continues at Kraftwerk until 25 February, and the CTM 2018 Exhibition continues at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien until 2 April. And don't forget to scan through our Flickr page for a vast array of memories thanks to our team of photographers! Reviews and further documentation will also be shared in the coming weeks.