Call for Proposals: Education Networking Day

Students, professors, and researchers from different graduate and postgraduate programs are invited to present their programs, projects and activities at CTM.13. Discounted student passes also available.

Transfer, a new component of the CTM festival, takes shape as an interdisciplinary laboratory and meeting ground for professionals and members of the general public. Encompassing a conversation program, theoretical discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking events, the Transfer program aims to intensify the exchanges between artists, musicians, cultural workers, music technology developers, researchers, students, and industry professionals.

Part of the Transfer program, the Education Networking Day scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013, invites students, professors, and researchers from different graduate and posgraduate programs that straddle different fields such as audio, arts, media, and design, and related theoretical disciplines linked to these, to present programs, projects and activities. In addition to graduate and postgraduate students, the program is open to institutes and academies whose students have already made their first steps towards a professional or artistic practice. Located in the project rooms of the Kunstquartier Bethanien, the program gives students and professors the opportunity to present their research/study/project focus, and the diversity of their initiatives and ideas in 30 to 60 minute sequences. 

Discounted Festival Passes for Students / Professors

Additionally, CTM offers a reduced CTM/transmediale 2013 Kombi-Pass rate for groups of students/professors that wish to attend the festivals. Priced at 90 € per person (regular price 130 €), the rate applies to groups of min. 10 people and grants access to all transmediale 2013 events and to most CTM festival (excluding events taking place at the HAU1 venue).

How to Apply

Groups and institutions interested in participating in the Networking Day and/or in purchasing reduced festival passes may contact:

Franziska Benkert (tel. +49.30.44 04 18 52)

Deadline: Jan 7, 2013.

Please specify if you wish to give a presentation during the Education Networking Day, and if so, please include a short description of the planned presentation. Please note that as presentation run times are tightly scheduled, overly-specialized/lengthy technical adjustments are not possible. A sound system, mixing desk, video projection equipment, and technical assistance will be provided.