Fresh Confirmations Swell CTM.13's "Golden Age"

Photo by Terry Richardson

Andy Stott, Mark Archer (Altern 8), Biosphere + The Pitch Ensemble, Mykki Blanco, Kuedo & more flush out a near-final 14th edition music program.

Adding to the richness and variety of performances encompassed in The Golden Age, the latest round of artists confirmed for CTM.13 fills-in what is now a nearly-complete 14th edition lineup:

Mark Archer (Altern 8, UK) / Andy Stott (UK) / Biosphere + The Pitch Ensemble (NO/INT) / Mykki Blanco (US) / Kuedo (UK) live A/V show with MFO (DE) / Sensate Focus (UK) / Shed (DE) / DJ Sprinkles (JP) / Shackleton (UK) / Frank Bretschneider (DE) / Powell (UK) / Samuel Kerridge (UK) / Evol (ES) / Greco-Roman Soundsystem (UK) / Theo Burt – The Automatics Group (UK) / Lorenzo Senni (IT) / TM404 (SE) / Pharoah Chromium (DE) / Günther Schickert (DE) / Bader Motor (FR) / Nicolas Metall (FR) / Ravi Shardja (FR) / Cavern of Anti-Matter (UK) / Nicolas Moulin (FR) / Khyam Allami (IQ) with Vasilis Sarikis (GR) / Frederic Rzewski (US) / Lower Order Ethics (HU) / Half Girl / Half Sick (DE) / Soundwalk Collective (INT) / Zip (DE) / Sammy Dee (DE) / Jörg Franzmann (DE) / Reznik (DE) / Opium Hum (DE) / A Cell of One (DE)

Full festival programme here.

Several programs are of note. First, CTM kicks off its opening night on Monday, January 28th with a number of free performances and presentations that run in parallel to and continue far after the festival’s Opening Concert that features Matmos and AtomTM & Marc Behrens. In addition to AtomTM’s previously-announced second appearance as Alpha txt in the HAU2, both the ground-floor WAU restaurant and the third floor rehearsal space will host special musical projects in collaboration with two universities as part of CTM’s Transfer programme dedicated to increased networking between artists, researchers, and professionals. From 19:30 until late, students from Carsten Nicolai’s "Soundstudio" class at the Städelschule Frankfurt a.M. present a variety of DJ and live sets in the WAU, while Robert Henke and his students from the "Sound Studies" Masters program at the University of Arts Berlin take up residence in the rehearsal space to invite listeners into their Pulse Lab II – Works for Wave Field Synthesis, a sound environment within which a sequence of works specially-conceived for a wave field synthesis sound system graciously provided by Fraunhofer Institute IDMT and Iosono will be looped.

The HAU2 program continues later on in the week with two more newly-cofirmed evenings. On Tuesday January 29th, Theo Burt (of The Automatics Group) will take festivalgoers through his own unique way of de- and re-constructing early 90s rave culture, as part of an evening entitled "Rave Undead I". Burt’s "Remixes" project uses simple automated processes to analyse, dissect, and reorder existing Eurotrance and rave anthems. While much of the original content is destroyed in the "new" tracks, surprisingly audible microstructures remain, lending a strange familiarity to these “remakes”. Joining Burt is multidisciplinary artist and composer Lorenzo Senni, who will perform in support of his new QuantumJelly LP, a record deeply influenced by his love of 90’s trance/hard-trance music and interest in the musical structures and sound archetypes of these genres.


On Friday, February 1st, the HAU2 hosts "Graunacht", assembling members of visual artist Nicolas Moulin’s concept label Grautag to showcase self-described "dystopian landscape music" or "sound produced by that everyday sense of emptiness that can overcome you today, where ’better days‘ are definitly an obsolete concept." The evening features the label’s first building block, Bader Motor (a trio made up of Fred Bigot aka Electronicat, Vincent Epplay, and Arnaud Maguet), psychedelic krautrock protagonists Pharoah Chromium and Günther Schickert, Cavern of Anti-Matter (better known as Stereolab’s Tim Gane), guitarist turned electronic musician Nicolas Metall, and musician and sound designer Ravi Shardja, all performing within a visual environment created by Nicolas Moulin himself.

The Friday night program (Feb 1st) at Berghain is also now confirmed. Adopting the name "Rave Undead II", the programme explores the early rave aesthetic and its current reappropriation. The night develops from Samuel Kerridge’s tectonic techno that ploughs through murky, industrial terrain and a special hardcore set by Berlin’s Shed, through mysterious act Powell’s thoroughly emaciated, obtuse and primitivist take on techno to the utter destruction of rave in 2012 with the violent "rave slime" mutations of Evol, and the decelerated, dubbed-out techno of Modern Love mainstay Andy Stott. It culminates in a DJ-set of original rave hero Mark Archer, one half of duo Altern-8, who through their blend of Detroit techno, Chicago house, breakbeats and other 90s dance flavours, as well as through countless improptu appearances at major unofficial raves wearing chemical warfare suits while dancing "like electrified monkeys", inspired a whole generation of rave and hardcore aesthetics. The final blow will be delivered by the gothic-industrial hybridity of Lower Order Ethics, who herself fuels Hungary’s renowned Technokunst parties in Budapest. Over in the Panoramabar that night, Zip and Sammy Dee take up their monthly Perlon night with special guests DJ Sprinkles (the dancefloor-oriented side of Terre Thaemlitz), and Shackleton.

CTM.13’s Saturday program swells with the addition of a very special afternoon at the Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, home of the GDR National Broadcasting Corporation until 1990. The program tells the story of an old GDR synthesizer, the Subharchord, and continues to weave it into the present day. Built in the 1960s in East Berlin, the Subharchord was an electronic sound generator ahead of its time, of which only 7 instruments were ever built. Thanks in part to the tireless work of sound art curator Carsten Seiffarth, who will be moderating the entire afternoon, the Subharchord is slowly coming into the limelight. Including a talk with Gerhard Steinke, who led East Berlin's "Labor für musikalisch-akustische Grenzprobleme" (Laboratory for musical and acoustic boundary issues) during the time the Subharchord was developed and built, the program features performances by artists who have worked or are working with the instrument including the world premiere of a commissioned work by Biosphere + The Pitch Ensemble, Frank Bretschneider performing his work, "Kippschwingung", and the first performance of Frederic Rzewski's 1965 Subharchord magnetic tape piece "Zoologischer Garten" remastered. The afternoon begins with an exclusive preview and discussion of the upcoming "Subharchord – A Child of the Golden Age" documentary directed by Ina Pillat.

Saturday continues with the late-night program at Stattbad, now also rounded out with a varied mix of new confirmations such as Michael David Quattlebaum, who through that fateful summer day when stepping out into the streets of NY in head-to-toe drag gave rise to his Mykki Blanco persona, subsequently becoming one of the main protagonists of the city’s queer rap (aka swag) scene. Using his performance art and poetry background to fuel his raw and electric MCing, Blanco is supported by beats from Physical Therapy. Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire, eclectic London/Berlin collective Greco-Roman Soundsystem, and local Half Girl / Half Sick round out the festival’s Saturday night.

Finally, CTM.13’s Closing Concert with Sunn O))) takes shape with support from contemporary Arabic oud lute player Khyam Allami, who will perform alongside percussionist Vasilis Sarikis. With firm roots in Iraq’s Maquam musical tradition, yet drawing on contemporary influences such as postrock and western avant-garde, Allami’s stark and utterly bewitching compositions will set a a tense and uneasy calm before Sunn O)))’s thundering close to CTM.13.

Stay tuned as a few final artists are announced via our website and facebook page before end of December. The full Exhibition and Transfer daytime conference & workshop programme will be unveiled in January.

Individual Tickets Now On Sale

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