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Tickets: 22 € (includes panorama bar)


22:00 05:00

Rave culture, bass futures, community and identity – contrasting music activists sound the emancipatory potential of forward-thinking club music.

SHAPE platform -supported Sky H1, whose lush, vaporous constructions invoke a struggle between melancholy and joy, will perform live. The Belgian producer rapidly gained praise for her 2016 debut on Bill Kouligas and Visionist’s PAN x Codes imprint.

Philadelphia Afrofuturist Moor Mother, who attests that "sci-fi is reality," will contribute the sonic activism she has described as "project-housing bop," "slaveship punk," and "witch rap." Her music is a vessel for addressing the history of struggle and loss and the necessity of rebellion and endurance in the American black community.

Yally, the new project developed by Blackest Ever Black duo Raime in order to "explore bass futures indiscriminately," synthesizes and builds upon 2-step, grime, and garage legacies. The club is central to this exploration, but the mind is an equal partner, offering pathways that connect the two.

Actress has always made it his business to expose the sensitive nerve endings of London rave culture. Years of experimentation and refinement have earned him a sound that lives and revels in the emotional haze between the strict grid lines of techno and 2-step.

The night is rounded-out with a set by DJ Stingray, the veteran Detroit techno producer whose career has spanned over 20 years. Initially creating his Urban Tribe alias in the 90s, while working with Carl Craig, Anthony Shakir and Kenny Dixon Jr., Stingray first donned his trademark balaclava while touring with Drexciya, to hide his identity on stage.


Sky H1 is supported by the SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Sky H1[BE]

Sky H1 is a rising Belgian producer whose lush, vaporous constructions drawing from ambient music and grime are suspended between melancholy and joy. Sky H1 debuted on the Berlin party-turned-label Creamcake in 2015 and signed to Codes (the PAN sublabel co-run by Visionist) in the spring of 2016. 

Actress + Young Paint[UK]

Actress is the pseudonym of British musician and producer Darren J. Cunningham. His shadowy, unpredictable music draws loosely on 2-step garage, bass-heavy sounds, and London’s rave heritage. For CTM 2019, Actress will explore the creative and social potentials of machine learning and artificial intelligence with a two-night world premiere performance with AI Young Paint.

DJ Stingray[US]

Urban Tribe founder and Drexciya collaborator Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray aka Stingray313 has been a driving force in Detroit techno for over twenty years. As a close affiliate of the afrofuturist community, his music reappropriates technology in a search for an alternative history and future for marginalized groups.

Yally aka Raime[UK]

UK duo Raime submerges its listeners in a commanding, slow-churned, hi-hat and clap-laden bass vortex. Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead’s new project is designed to “explore Bass Futures indiscriminately.” The two late 90s garage and early 00s grime -inspired tracks “Burnt” and “Sudo” on their November 2016 Boomkat Editions release are their most dancefloor-oriented tracks to date.

Moor Mother[US]

Philadelphia native Camae Ayewa has inventively characterized her activist sound project Moor Mother with various self-coined, hybrid genres: “project housing bop”; “chill step”; “blk girlblues”; “witch rap”; “coffee shop riot gurl songs”; “southern girl dittys”; “black ghost songs.”

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