CTM 2019 x MONOM V

MONOM, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 €


12:30 21:00

13:00 4DSOUND retrospective curated by Paul Oomen and including works by Murcof, JG Bieberkopf, Peter Van Hoesen, Koenraad Ecker, IOANN, Alyssa Moxley, Shaun Crook, Maxine Gordon, Casimir Geelhoed, John Connell, Paul Oomen, Edgar Varèse
15:35 Tiernan Cross live
16:25 FLORA sound sculpture
17:30 Casimir Geelhoed live
18:10 Sofie Birch live
19:15 Ambátt live
20:15 Immanence sound sculpture

MONOM and CTM pair up once again to showcase a series of new works in 4DSOUND. Saturday’s long-form programme sees several artists perform live throughout a day that also features a chance to listen to sound sculptures of past commissioned works.

First time live performances will be given by two Nordic artists: Ambátt is a collaboration between Icelandic artists Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlason, also known as two-thirds of electronic music trio Stereo Hypnosis. Thanks to support from Up Node, Copenhagen-based electronic composer and sound artist Sofie Birch, who has released on Infinite Waves, will also perform.

4DSOUND software developer Casimir Geelhoed boasts extensive experience with spatial sound. His piece explores anxiety, confusion, overstimulation, and struggle, offering a tale of endurance and hope through persistence. Built on a language of distorted realities, surreal shifts in distance and dimensions, abrasive sound design and fragilely drifting elements of melancholic reflection, it is an abstract recollection and reliving of personal experience. With his hyperreal and metaphorical representation of tension and fragility, Geelhoed ultimately aims to make full use of the expressive, sound-theatrical abilities that the 4DSOUND system has to offer.

Composer, sound artist, and researcher Tiernan Cross will perform “Schema”, a production developed at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest that thematises the nexus of consciousness between human and object in the post-biological world. Rooted around a MaxMSP device built by the artist that captures and blends a hybrid of more than 1,000 network-based field recordings, Schema investigates how sound and intricate spatialisation can develop new modes of listening.

Sofie Birch appears thanks to support from the Up Node network. Casimir Geelhoed is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Tiernan Cross[AU]

Tiernan Cross is a composer, sound artist, and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. As the current recipient of the University of Sydney’s Eleanor Dunne Scholarship, Tiernan is completing postgraduate research at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, focusing on neurological conditioning, composition, and post-biological sound aesthetics. 

Casimir Geelhoed[NL]

Casimir Geelhoed is a young coder, composer, and music producer who boasts extensive experience with spatial sound. Educated at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Utrecht School of Arts, Geelhoed is known for his take on dark, experimental club music. 

Sofie Birch[DK]

Sofie Birch is a Copenhagen based sound artist and composer. Her primary techniques of exploration include improvisation, voice experiments, and analogue synthesis, which she uses to create considered, soothing ambient soundscapes. 


Ambátt is a collaboration between artists Pan Thorarensen and Thorkell Atlason, also known as two-thirds of electronic music trio Stereo Hypnosis. In 2016, they released their debut album, Flugufen.

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