CTM 2019 Magazine


CTM's annual magazine provides a number of entry points into its theme, courtesy of various music journalists, researchers, theorists, and artists.

For Persistence, this year's magazine addresses the resilience of music communities; practices that push back against colonial legacies in music; the role of sonic cultures amidst tumultuous times; and activism in popular music. The 2019 edition unites a range of voices, practices, and ideas in interrogating, examining, and documenting various perspectives on Persistence. Interviews with and essays by individual artists round out the publication.

Design and layout by Marius Rehmet of Vojd.


CTM 2019 – Persistence 

Jon Davies

On Loop and in the Crossfade: Music in the Age of Mass Persistence
Josh Kun

Trans-mitting Black Resistance 
Tai Linhares in Conversation with Linn da Quebrada

"All That is Solid Melts Into PR:" On Persistence, Resilience, and Autonomy in Music 
Ollie Zhang

All United
IC3PEAK in Conversation with Mariana Berezovska

The Radical Elasticity of Sound
Salomé Voegelin

Failing at the Impossible: Attempts at Embodying Matriarchy
An Interview with Nguyễn + Transitory by Kamila Metwaly

Pop, Politics, and Persistence: Popular Culture Between Delimitation and Activism
Luise Wolf

We Are the Halluci Nation: An Interview with Bear Witness of A Tribe Called Red 
Lindsay Nixon

Microtonality and the Struggle for Fretlessness in the Digital Age
Khyam Allami

Arkestrated Rhythmachine Komplexities: Machinic Geisterstunde and Post-Soul Persistencies

200 bpm Orgasm Club Music
Gabber Modus Operandi in Conversation with Jan Rohlf

Jogja Noise Bombing: The Spirit of Street Noise 
Indra Menus & Sean Stellfox

Peeping Through a Frown: A Dérive Through the Punk Continuum 
Tim Tetzner

Encounters with Beelzebub's Organs – Quellgeister #3: Bussd
Stefan Fraunberger


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