As If We Were Beautiful

Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € (includes Berghain and Säule)


22:00 07:00

22:00 Juba
00:00 Kai Whiston
01:00 DJ Haram
02:30 Riobamba
04:00 Mina & Bryte
05:00 Sara Fumaça b2b Foresta

An expansive programme spanning caustic noise, infectious rhythms, genre-bending electronics, and all good things in between takes over Berghain, Säule, and Panorama Bar.

Upstairs in Panorama Bar, the night features Juba, who runs club night Boko! Boko! with Tash LC and Mina. Her sets evidence a love for afrobeats, afrohouse, and baile funk; and she can be found hosting Afroelectronik on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio. Kai Whiston is a young artist known for ferocious, dark, yet playful productions shaped by hard, bassy sounds such as dubstep and bassline. His debut LP, Kai Whiston Bitch, came out in late 2018. Discwoman affiliate DJ Haram throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets, but has also been known to pay homage to Middle Eastern dance music and DIY noise cultures. Riobamba, also part of Discwoman’s formidable roster, has an exuberant style of mixing described as “exalting, joyous, [and] sexy.” (The Fader) Producer and DJ Mina displays an affinity for low-slung rhythms, UK funky, dancehall, afrobeats, and other syncopated sounds. Ghanaian MC Bryte will join her in delivering Panorama Bar with a crucial dose of warmth and joy. Sara Fumaça and Foresta, two members of Berlin’s female and non-binary DJ collective No Shade will offer a special b2b DJ set to close the night.  



Producer and DJ Mina has been credited with “bringing sunshine to the club.” (FACT) Her sets display an affinity for low-slung rhythms, which can also be heard in her productions for the legendary label Enchufada.


Born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, Foresta is a member of Berlin’s No Shade Collective. She’s known for her eclectic DJ sets which include bass-heavy selections and fierce rhythms. Leaning on UK dance music as her main inspiration, Foresta blends these sounds with a new generation of club tracks and global bass gems.

Sara Fumaça[PT/DE]

Sara Fumaça is a visual artist, DJ, and member of Berlin-based female and non-binary DJ collective No Shade.

Kai Whiston[UK]

Known for a ferocious production style and an affinity for dark humour, Kai Whiston is a young producer hailing from Dorset, UK. He has released music on Big Dada and TAR, and his productions amalgamate the hardest sounds from dubstep, grime, and bassline with mangled, frenzied percussion. 


Bryte is a Ghanaian MC and vocalist. His debut LP, Too Good For Your Liking, was released in 2018, and features an all-star roster of producers, including Gafacci, Mina, and TSVI.

DJ Haram[US]

DJ Haram is a New Jersey-raised DJ and producer now based in Philadelphia. She's part of the Discwoman collective, and half of 700 Bliss with Moor Mother. Haram’s mixes celebrate club styles from Philly, New Jersey, and Baltimore while folding in music from her Middle Eastern and DIY noise scene roots.


Part of the Boko! Boko! Collective with Mina and Tash LC, Juba is a DJ originally from London, but now residing in Berlin. Her music represents a strong connection to her Nigerian roots and her love for African diasporic music, linking together a wide range of club music styles from gqom to kuduro and highlife.


Ecuadorian-Lithuanian RIOBAMBA is a producer, DJ, and cultural activist now based in Brooklyn. She's part of DISCWOMAN’s daunting booking roster, and can be found leaving a trail of “exalting, joyous, [and] sexy” mixes (The Fader) behind her.

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