As If We Were Free

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € (includes Panorama Bar and Säule)


21:00 05:00

21:00 Nonplus
22:00 Eartheater
23:00 Gazelle Twin
00:00 Lotic
01:05 Prison Religion
01:50 Miss Djax
03:30 REKA

CTM is pleased to welcome a number of artists grappling with the complexities of today’s political and cultural climate. This expansive programme spanning caustic noise, infectious rhythms, genre-bending electronics, and all good things in between takes over Berghain, Säule, and Panorama Bar.

Gazelle Twin, the nightmarish figure with a penchant for distorted vocals, will bring her new, unsettling character to Berghain. Her recent album Pastoral articulates a corrosive critique of the state of England today. With neoliberalism reigning, nationalism on the rise, and Brexit imminent, Twin’s signature demonic identity has been reimagined as a jester clad in the colours of England’s flag. The enigmatic Eartheater is known for an extensive vocal range, a singular approach to production, and a love for the pageantry of performing. Her most recent album IRISIRI (released on PAN) is rooted in the theme of “curiosity liberates infinite truth,” or C.L.I.T.. Club trailblazer Lotic will debut the ambitious new A/V collaboration Endless Power, which arrives on the back of their debut LP Power, a record that articulates “a battle cry for the queer community.” (Resident Advisor) Poozy and False Prpht are Virginia duo Prison Religion, funneling rage, disbelief, horror, and humor into shapeshifting, noisy music. Saskia Sledgers, better known as Miss Djax, has deservedly earned herself the title of ‘Acid Queen.’ One of European rave culture’s most influential DJs of the 90s, Slegers has spent roughly 30 years slamming together techno, acid, and other hard rhythms and radioactive sounds. One of the hosts of Tresor’s New Faces parties, REKA will thrown down a versatile techno set.


Nonplus appears as part of Nusasonic, an initiative of Goethe-Institut Southeast Asia that is collaboratively curated by Yes No Wave (Yogyakarta), WSK Festival of the Recently Possible (Manila), Playfreely/Black Kaji (Singapore), and CTM Festival (Berlin).


Prison Religion[US]

Hardcore noise project Prison Religion, from Richmond, Virginia, is comprised of Poozy and False Prpht. Though the two are solo artists in their own right, they collaborate regularly to make collages together that are indebted yet flippant to hip hop, punk, and techno. 

Gazelle Twin[UK]

Demonic, guttural, and frighteningly astute, Gazelle Twin is the nightmarish figure with a penchant for distorted vocals. She will appear following the release of her most recent release, Pastoral - an acerbic album not for the squeamish.

Miss Djax[NL]

Saskia Slegers, otherwise known as Miss Djax, has deservedly earned the title of ‘Acid Queen’. One of European rave culture’s most influential DJs of the 90s, Slegers has spent roughly 30 years slamming together techno, acid, and other hard rhythms and radioactive sounds. 


Eartheater is the solo project of artist Alexandra Drewchin, and has released three full lengths since 2015 - most recently IRISIRI on PAN. Her music explores pop’s cloying sweetness and melodrama, weaving industrial and classical textures into demonstrations of her chimeric singing technique.


Maia Reyes, aka Nonplus, is a sound and visual artist from Manila. As one of the few consistent female sonic experimenters and DJs in the male-dominated Manila electronic music world, Nonplus has been earning her scene cred since the 90s.


REKA is the Berlin-based Tresor resident is known for organising W.A.V.E.S. nights and hosting New Faces. Her own sets display a thirst for adventurous selections, and the atmospheres she creates oscillate between the dystopian and the beautiful.


Lotic is DJ and producer J’Kerian Morgan. Raised in Houston, Texas, they studied electronic music composition and saxophone at university before moving to Berlin, where they helped form the city's famed Janus collective. In recent years Lotic has cemented their position as one of adventurous club music’s most original voices.

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