Opus Mors

silent green – Betonhalle, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin Map
Tickets: 21 €


15:00 21:00

Jacob Kirkegaard – "Opus Mors"

15:00 "Opus Morturarium"
16:30 "Opus Autopsia"
18:00 "Opus Crematio"
19:30 "Opus Putesco"

Jacob Kirkegaard presents live renditions of his recent Topos release, Opus Mors. The four-part long duration concert offers an environment in which to collectively reflect and meditate on the various spaces and states human bodies occupy immediately post-mortem—a morgue, an autopsy, cremation, and decomposition. Immersive, intimate, and powerfully detailed, these mark fragile events that no one is ever able to experience in their embodied lives. The performance is all the more poignant within the Betonhalle setting, as this hall was formerly the morgue of Berlin’s first crematorium.


Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.


Jacob Kirkegaard[DK]

Jacob Kirkegaard explores ways to reflect on immediate complex, unnoticed, or unapproachable aspects of the human condition or civilisation. Born in 1975 in Denmark, Kirkegaard began releasing DIY tapes as part of a punk band in the late 1980s, before graduating at the Academy of Arts and the Media in Cologne in 2006.

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