In Search of Greener Practices

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16:30 18:00

Amidst increasing awareness of the climate crisis and an intensification of its effects, many in music have been trying to figure out what our shared responsibility is, devising ways of acting and of pushing the conversation forward.

From recorded music’s carbon footprint to gigging’s environmental impact, many decisions are being considered and their consequences interrogated. But how much of an effect do our choices as musicians, agents, and organisers have in the first place? What can we do from our positions in the music world, and why do we need to anyway? Moderated by Chal Ravens, this panel brings together artists, agents, and organisers who are considering these questions through their practices.


Eilidh McLaughlin[UK/DE]

Glaswegian born, Berlin based environment and music industry professional Eilidh McLaughlin has over 10 years experience working in the sustainability sector, primarily within engagement, behaviour change, and project management.


Gigsta’s love affair with music takes many forms. This Brittany-raised Belgian finds as much joy dancing to it as she does writing about it (both as a journalist and as a PhD candidate). Although she DJs several times a month in different countries across Europe, Gigsta only travels by train. In an industry still reliant on flying, this "slow gigging" practice has allowed her to maintain a healthy relationship with her passion and now profession.

Chal Ravens[UK]

Chal Ravens is a music journalist writing about electronic music, club culture and the climate crisis. She currently contributes to The Wire, Resident Advisor, FACT, The Guardian, Crack, and Bandcamp.

Juan Arminandi[ID]

Juan Arminandi is a musician and composer from Pontianak, Kalimantan, Indonesia. In 2015, he received his BA in Music Education from the University of Tanjungpura. He has studied musical composition with Diecky K. Indrapraja, and experimental music and instrument building with Wukir Suryadi of Senyawa.

Jacob Bilabel[DE]

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel is the founder of the pan-European Green Music Initiative (GMI), an independent cross industry think-tank that works to inspire people in the music festival and events industry to run greener and smarter operations.

Ruggero Pietromarchi[IT

Ruggero Pietromarchi is the creative director of Terraforma, an experimental and sustainable music festival held since 2014 in the park of Villa Arconati, a rural palace and gardens in the town of Bollate, northwest of Milan, Italy.

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