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Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € + SC


21:00 02:00

21:00 Daniela Huerta
22:00 Ashley Fure
23:10 Dis Fig
00:00 Mohammad
01:15 Rakta

Daniela Huerta, aka Baby Vulture, sets the scene for the evening with a hybrid set. Renowned, prolific American composer and installation artist Ashley Fure explores the kinetic side of sound with “Hive Rise,” created in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist and director Lilleth Glimcher. A hand-picked ensemble performs with custom 3D-printed megaphones developed in collaboration with Matter Design (Brandon Clifford, Wes McGee, and Johanna Lobdell), producing focused vectors of sound as they move around the building. Berlin-based producer and DJ Felicia Chen, better known as Dis Fig, performs visceral, intimate sonic expulsions, as heard on her debut album, Purge. Mohammad, aka MMMD, bring together gut-wrenching frequencies, dark folk aesthetics, and ceremonial experiences in their live performances. In Rakta’s music, eerie, nightmarish grooves crescendo and hypnotic wails envelop listeners, swallowing them into a sonic world that is ghostly, inundating, and psychedelic.


"Hive Rise" is a coproduction with the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.

Created by Ashley Fure & Lilleth Glimcher
Composed by Ashley Fure
Directed by Lilleth Glimcher
Performed by Josie Brinkmann, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Siri Elquivist, Julian Fricker, Camille Käse, Dornika Kazerani, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Tatiana Mejía, Assi Pakkanen, Valerie Renay
Scenography by Stock-a-Studio
Megaphones by Matter Design
Lights by Kelley Shih
Costumes by UY Studios



Hailing from São Paulo, Rakta is the gothic postpunk outfit making waves with their audacious brand of psychedelic garage. From the release of their eponymous record in 2013, they have emerged from the DIY punk scene of São Paulo to arouse international attention.


Mohammad, aka MMMΔ, have been forging their deep monolithic sound for the past decade, bringing together low frequencies, inter-modulations, dark textures, and distant folk nuances through custom made instruments and software.

Daniela Huerta[MX/DE]

Born in Mexico, Daniela Huerta is a Berlin-based artist whose work oscillates between performance art, sound design, and multimedia projects. As Baby Vulture, she has developed her own genre-bending style of DJing.

Dis Fig[US]

American-born Chinese DJ and producer Dis Fig combines hi-tech, futuristic aesthetics and vocal-led, introspective soundscapes. Having moved from New York to Berlin to write music she has since become a lynchpin of a constantly evolving underground scene, hosting famed radio show Call Dibs on BCR with Hunni’d Jaws, and performing and DJing internationally. Her first album Purge was released on PTP in 2019.

Ashley Fure[US]

Ashley Fure is an American composer and installation artist. Her work explores the kinetic source of sound, bringing focus to the muscular act of music making and the chaotic behaviors of raw acoustic matter. Having completed her PhD in composition at Harvard University in 2013, Fure has had her work performed by The New York Philharmonic, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Klangforum Wien, and more.

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