As If We Were Loved

Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € (door only, includes Berghain)


23:59 12:00

Across fiery club rhythms and relentless beats, CTM welcomes a number of formidable artists to Berghain and Panorama Bar.

Upstairs is Kristiina Männikkö, a Helsinki-based DJ with a love for electro, EBM, techno, and moody, mystical electronic sounds. She will be followed by a DJ set that delves into hard drum, UK bass, dancehall, and tarraxo, courtesy of TSVI, who appears following his debut LP Inner Visions. BadSista, known as a DJ and MC in Linn da Quebrada’s crew, will spin an energetic blend of rave cuts, funk carioca, and bass tunes together with NAAFI and Staycore affiliate Pininga. One of the most highly sought-after DJs active today, The Black Madonna is a renowned technician behind the decks, outspoken feminist, and tireless advocate for those underrepresented. DJ Rachael is Uganda’s number one DJ, and the driving force behind Kampala’s Femme Electronic collective. Saoirse is known for genre-hopping antics that traverse dub, electro, techno, garage, and more.

Kristiina Männikkö is supported by the Up Node network.


The Black Madonna[US/UK]

Renowned DJ, outspoken feminist, and tireless champion of those underrepresented, Marea Stamper is The Black Madonna. The Smart Bar and Panorama Bar regular is one of dance music’s most sought-after DJs, known as a sublime technician behind the decks who will spin anything from hip hop to house.


After spending the better part of 15 years collecting records, Saoirse has made a name for herself in the electronic music world. She's known for genre-hopping sets, and an eclectic, diverse selection of records.


TSVI is the contemporary club hero who known for energetic blends of hard drum, UK funky, tarraxo, and other infectious sounds. With hard-hitting releases behind him, such as the Set You Free EP and an ambitious selection of bootlegs, he recently released his debut album, Inner Worlds.

Kristiina Männikkö[FI]

Kristiina Männikkö is a Finnish DJ whose sets convey a dark mysticism, but never at the expense of danceability. 


Hailing from Brazil is BadSista, the MC and DJ with roots in the emo scene. She palpably harnesses the energy from her emo days, and funnels it into high-energy sets full of rave cuts, funk carioca, and bassy tunes. 

DJ Rachael[UG]

DJ Rachael is a Kampala-based producer, who has been central to the collective activities of female DJs in East Africa. DJ Rachael has spent the past 20 years performing at parties and club nights, as well as co-founding Femme Electronic, an organisation that supports female DJs and producers. In 2016 she became the first female DJ to be selected for WOMEX.

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