Amplify Berlin

SchwuZ III, Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € + SC


23:59 10:00

00:00 Jessika Khazrik (DJ)
01:00 Grinderteeth (live) with Bad Juju
01:45 Max Dahlhaus (DJ)
02:30 The Allegorist (live)
03:30 Bora (live) with Miriama Kardošová
04:15 Jessika Khazrik (hybrid)
05:00 Max Dahlhaus (live) 
05:45 b2b2b2b

In keeping with CTM’s support of Berlin’s local culture, the festival will present a collaborative evening with creative development programme Amplify in the Bunker. Jessika Khazrik, writer and performer, delivers both DJ and hybrid sets; The Allegorist sings in a fictional and majestic language in an effort to bridge boundaries; Grinderteeth builds vast, noisy soundscapes through live improvisation, tonight accompanied by VJ Bad Juju; Max Dahlhaus, audio-visual artist and producer, plays live and DJs; and Bora, the multidimensional producer and artist, performs a live set that plays with performance and ritual. To close out the night, the artists come together for a b2b.


Presented with Amplify Berlin.


Miriama Kardošová[CZ]

The work of Miriama Kardošová is based on the body language of performers. She works with the body as an object. She creates costume, movements, and choreography.

The Allegorist[HU/DE]

The Allegorist is the alias used by artist Anna Jordan for her musical output. A producer, composer, visual artist, painter, and sound designer, her multi-perspective work combines media, genres, and styles via a transdisciplinary approach.

Jessika Khazrik[LB/DE]

Jessika Khazrik is an artist, writer, technologist, and DJ whose indisciplinary practice spans composition, machine learning, performance, visual art, ecotoxicology, and the history of science.


Grinderteeth is the Berlin-based solo project of Veslemøy Rustad Holseter, who utilises live improvisation through sequencers, midi-mapping, and Max Msp to build cathedral-verb drenched, noise soundscapes that blend pounding beats with layered, manipulated vocals.

Bad Juju[PL/DE]

Bad Juju is a Polish born, Berlin based visual artist, art director, and VJ. She is an active member of the collective No Shade—a club night series and DJ and VJ training program for female, trans, and non-binary DJs based in Berlin, striving for diversity and inclusion in the music industry.

Max Dahlhaus[DE]

Berlin-based audio-visual artist and producer Max Dahlhaus weaves emotional yet abstract stories; his work balances repetition, detail, opulence, and minimalism.


Pauline Canavesio, aka Bora, is a France-born Berlin-based multidimensional producer and artist. Through an introspective process involving sound, digital media, and painting, she morphs to become one alien entity. For her, sound is shaping the unknown and inexpressible. 

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