Jessika Khazrik


Photo by Elis Jolie.

Jessika Khazrik is an artist, writer, technologist, and DJ whose indisciplinary practice spans composition, machine learning, performance, visual art, ecotoxicology, and the history of science.

Scavenging sounds from online and on-site war detritus, citizen media, and militarised ads and technologies, Khazrik’s sonic scapes intimately investigate the techno- political premises of the military economies we inhabit or forget. Often born out of vocoded collaborations with recurrent neural networks skewed with hard-edged Arabic rhythms, Khazrik festively uses spaces of congregation—such as clubs, museums, her house, quarries, and the internet—to search for new, locally entrenched universalities that could collectively respond to the dystopias of our current time. Khazrik is currently based between Beirut and Berlin.

Amplify Berlin

SchwuZ III, Sat 01.02.2020, 23:59

Jessika Khazrik, Grinderteeth, Bad Juju, Max Dahlhaus, The Allegorist, Bora