As If We Could Live On

SchwuZ III, Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € (includes all of SchwuZ)


23:00 07:30

From romance to quirk, a programme across SchwuZ's Kathedrale, Bunker, and Salon stages offers it all.

The SchwuZ Salon features the unapologetically quirky dj. flugvél og geimskip, who will bring electronic and gaming-inspired pop with an Icelandic twist in support of her forthcoming album, Our Atlantis. Thai artist Pisitakun grapples with political speculation and frustration. His work marks a break from that of many of his peers; not content with offering palliatives, nor with simply decrying corruption, Pisitakun interrogates fundamental values within a tumultuous and challenging climate. Vanligt Folk’s 2018 release, Hambo, takes its name from a traditional Swedish dance, and amalgamates its music with minimal wave, EBM, and dub influences. The trio rail against the rise of the far-right in Sweden in a record that intertwines tradition with dry, bizarre humour and erratic, eccentric production. Closing the night is the eclectic, singular DJ Marcelle, known for adroit mixing with a three-turntable setup.


DJ Marcelle appears thanks to support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Vanligt Folk and dj. flugvél og geimskip are supported by the Up Node network.


DJ Marcelle[NL]

Dutch DJ and producer Marcelle, who also goes by the name Another Nice Mess, mixes her love for left field techno and classic club tropes with freeform musical styles influenced by art movements like Fluxus and Dada. Her DJ sets are irreverent to convention, but always are centred on a sense of adventure and surprise, blurring the distinctions between DJing and live sound collaging.

Vanligt Folk[SE]

Based in Gothenburg, Vanligt Folk are a trio mixing together EBM, Swedish folksong, and polska with unpredictable results. At times charming and at other times terrifying, their latest album on Kontra-Musik and Kess Kill, Hambo, crystallises the group’s irreverent approach to creating their unique sound.


Gigsta’s love affair with music takes many forms. This Brittany-raised Belgian finds as much joy dancing to it as she does writing about it (both as a journalist and as a PhD candidate). Although she DJs several times a month in different countries across Europe, Gigsta only travels by train. In an industry still reliant on flying, this "slow gigging" practice has allowed her to maintain a healthy relationship with her passion and now profession.


Thai experimental artist Pisitakun Kuantalaeng is a purveyor in noise, folding personal loss with the fraught recent political upheaval of his native Thailand. As well as touring and performing live, Pisitakun sculpts sound within multimedia installation art; his debut album Black Country, beginning in 2016 and completed in the following year, is the result of over four years of contextualising traditional music in electronic soundscapes.

dj. flugvél og geimskip[IS]

dj. flugvél og geimskip (or “Airplane and Spaceship) promises unapologetically quirky, eccentric performances. Contrary to what her name might suggest, the Icelandic artist crafts crafts cosmic electronic pop.

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