Alternative Models: Booking Agencies

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
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17:00 18:15

Case studies and roundtable discussion with Christine McCharen Tran (Discwoman), Keira Sinclair (Poly Artists), Pedro Marum (mina suspension). Moderated by Sarah-Joy Lynch.

Positioned between artists and event organisers or the press, booking agencies and agents play a crucial role in music. Within the competitive atmosphere of the music industry, there is a new generation of agencies – spanning DIY formats, to collectives, to more hierarchical organisational structures – that are trying to do things differently. How do these see and define their position and role in promoting a healthy music ecosystem? What room is there for different gestures, ideas, practices, and models? What should artists take into consideration as they (first) approach someone to represent them? And what kinds of considerations are taken by agents?

This panel brings together representatives from three very different kinds of booking agencies. Mina suspension is a fledgling DIY artist collective based between Lisbon and Berlin; NYC-based Discwoman has been navigating a rapidly-rising success while maintaining a collective identity and spirit; and Poly Artists has established itself as an agency that discovers and supports emerging talent as well as seasoned artists. The session begins with short presentations by each representative about the specific perspectives and working models they are exploring, before launching into a discussion about how their approaches compare, contrast, and ultimately enhance each other.


Christine McCharen-Tran[US]

Christine McCharen-Tran is a co-founder of Discwoman, a NYC-based collective and booking agencyshowcasing femme-identified DJs and producers.

Pedro Marum[PT/DE]

Pedro Marum is an artist, curator, and DJ based in Berlin. In his practice he explores the relationship between digital technologies and gender, queer, and feminist politics, focusing in particular on cybernetics, surveillance and capture technologies, and club culture.

Keira Sinclair[UK/DE]

Keira Sinclair is a co-founder of POLY. Artists, an artist booking and management agency based in Berlin and London.

Sarah Joy Lynch[US/DE]

Sarah Joy Lynch is a Berlin-based social entrepreneur focused on community organising, communication, and music. She is the co-founder and managing director of aequa, a community for social equity.

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