Networking for a Kaleidoscopic Scene

Gender equality and diversity within music and art events is not a new topic, but thanks to hardworking activists and initiatives worldwide, it has recently gained more traction in the electronic and digital arts scene. In 2013, female:pressure released a survey addressing the lack of equal opportunity and visibility for female-identifying artists in the electronic music scene. The female:pressure study showed that women make up less than 10% of the represented artists at festivals, clubs and labels worldwide.

Since female:pressure’s study in 2013, a string of features have crossed various media platforms in the electronic music world, including a VICE/Thump feature on 2016 music festival gender ratios; an overview of new female DJ collectives in the Fader; and the Guardian’s scathing article on “Why women are asking a major art & technology festival to #KissMyArs”. The topic of gender representation- and overall diversity - continues to spread and to slowly change attitudes and working processes in the music world, from bookings and lineups to media coverage, work roles, relationships and pay equity.

As with many causes, however, many activists and individuals never meet, or, even worse, may not even be aware of one another. This afternoon, hosted by music journalist Lisa Blanning, provides a platform for a few female and female-identified groups to not only present themselves to the public, but also to meet, exchange and cross-pollinate everyone’s work even further.

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Runs: 03.02.2017

Venue: Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien (Studio 1)

Time: 12 – 18:00