Installation by Alan Warburton

Still from "Primitives".

"Primitives" is a 10-minute video installation by Alan Warburton on display at HAU2 during the festival week. It explores the intersection of entertainment and science using cutting-edge CGI “crowd simulation” software. This technology is normally used in Hollywood blockbuster films to fill out cities, stadiums and battlefields and also by researchers, architects, scientists and engineers working in crisis mapping, city planning and events management. His AV project explores this simulation software to "liberate the digital crowd" and allow it to live and explore more experimental parameters.

The project was developed together with the dancer Anna Kravchenko at humainTrophumain in Montpellier, after winning an open call for works from the European Network for Contemporary Creation (ENCAC). Kravchenko’s movements were captured by Microsoft Kinect, and this data was in turn fused with the crowd simulation software Golaem Crowd. In Warburton’s own words, “this experimental project takes place at a time when the uses of artificial intelligence, chatbots, supercomputers and deep learning algorithms are constantly called into question. These entities are not human, but they are designed by humans to give the impression of humanity. When humanity is encoded as a set of parameters, we are forced to question the representational power of AI software, and in project such as this, imagine what these primitive beings could one day become.”

"Primitives" at Humain Trop Humain, Montpellier, 2016.

Alan Warburton appears at CTM with support from the European Network for Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Opening: Sat 28.01. | 17 – 22h

Runs: Sun 29.01. – Sun 05.02.2017 | 17 – 22h

Entrance free

Venue: HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2)