MusicMakers Hacklab

Emotional Invention. In collaboration with CDM, Native Instruments and the SHAPE Platform.

Now that our sense of self is intertwined with technology, what can we say about our relationship with those objects beyond the rational? The phrase "expression" is commonly associated with musical technology, but what is being expressed, and how? In the 2017 Hacklab, participants will explore the irrational and non-rational, the sense of mind as more than simply computer, delving into the deeper frontiers of our own human wetware.

Building on 2016's venture into the rituals of music technology, we will encourage social and interpersonal dynamics of our musical creations. We invite new ideas about how musical performance and interaction evoke feelings, and how they might realize emotional needs.

The hacklab is a collaborative, improvisatory, experimental environment for working together to conceive and realise new ideas in a week of intensive activity. We're looking for participants to share diverse backgrounds such as:

  • Musicians
  • Composers
  • Sound artists
  • Inventors
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Instrument builders
  • Music therapists
  • Psychologists, experts in affective neuroscience
  • Singers

...and more, to work with ideas like:

  • How to trigger emotional responses and empathy in performance
  • Performance constructions that express the emotions of the artists
  • Exploring specific sounds and rituals relating to emotional understanding
  • Interweaving narrative, psychology, and relationships in the performance interface and live presentation

We will begin the week with hands-on experiments in the building blocks of music – both acoustic and electronic. Then, we’ll progress toward a finished variety show of performances in the HAU2 theater space.


Byrke Lou

Byrke Lou is a Berlin-born artist and musician who experiments with the physicality of matter, sound, and the theoretical models we invent in order to communicate with and describe our surroundings.

She studied Physics, Philosophy and Digital Art as well as Design, Informatics, Electroacoustic Composition, Media Theory and Dance, and trained at IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) in Mallorca, Spain. She has been teaching sound and space at HfK Bremen and UdK Berlin and has been working at scientific institutions such as the MARUM in Bremen, Germany. In January 2016, she started the movLab, an open group that resides at Spektrum Berlin and discusses the body and its relation to performance art and digitalization processes.

Her work has been shown at transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, and at Berlin events CTM Festival and 3HD Festival.

Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn is an audiovisual artist, technologist, and journalist. He is the editor of CDM ( and, and co-creator of the open source MeeBlip hardware synthesizer. His work ranges from teaching creative coding with open tools to making experimental live techno, and as a writer has been a hub of discussion of trends in live and interactive visuals, and the design of new music technologies.

2017 Participants

  • Barnaby Walters
  • Eldar Tagiyev
  • Evgenia Nedosekina
  • Insa Langhorst
  • Jasna Velickovic
  • Jennifer McClelland
  • Kayleigh Beard
  • Markus Koistinen
  • Martijn Dirk Joling
  • Miri Kat
  • Mateusz Radz
  • Dr. Niall Coghlan
  • Paul Elvers
  • Pauline Canavesio
  • Pierre Modesti (Pyotr)
  • Rodrigo Cœi aka grassmass
  • Sara Vondraskova
  • Somaya Langley
  • Ulrike Stollenwerk
  • Vicky Clarke

Presented with Native Instruments and the SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.



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CTM 2017 MusicMakers Hacklab Opening

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Fri 27.01.2017, 19:00

Ganzfeld, Byrke Lou, Ārash Āzādi, Uta

MusicMakers Hacklab: Input I

Native Instruments Office, Tue 31.01.2017, 17:00

Ārash Āzādi, Simonne Jones, Steinunn Arnardottir, Johannes Schroth, Peter Kirn

MusicMakers Hacklab Input II

Native Instruments Office, Thu 02.02.2017, 17:00

Enrique Tomás

MusicMakers Hacklab Input III

Native Instruments Office, Fri 03.02.2017, 16:00

Jason Rentfrow

MusicMakers Hacklab Input IV

Native Instruments Office, Fri 03.02.2017, 17:00

Marije Baalman, DJ Luki and Kassen, STEIM

MusicMakers Hacklab – Emotional Invention Finale

HAU2, Sun 05.02.2017, 17:00

Performances by Hacklab participants

Runs: 30.01 – 04.02.2016

Venue: Native Instruments Office

Times: daily 12 – 18:00

Final Presentation: 05.02.2017 at HAU2 17:00