CTM 2017 MusicMakers Hacklab Opening

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entrance


19:00 23:00

19:00 Uta
20:00 Ganzfeld (foyer)
21:00 Byrke Lou
21:30 Ārash Āzādi
22:00 Uta

The MusicMakers Hacklab is a week-long open, collaborative laboratory hosted by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music and experimental artist Byrke Lou.

Now that our sense of self is intertwined with technology, what can we say about our relationship with those objects beyond the rational? With the "Emotional Invention" theme, the 2017 MusicMakers Hacklab explores the irrational and non-rational and the sense of mind as more than simply computer, delving into the deeper frontiers of our own human wetware.

The Hacklab celebrates its 5th edition within the CTM Festival with special performances by this year's invited host Byrke Lou, Arash Azadi, who was a Hacklab fellow last year, and DJ sets by Uta, a member of Berlin’s Through My Speakers collective that also co-runs UK-influenced bass music party series "Rec Room".

Ahead of the Hacklab opening, a guerilla performance by duo Ganzfeld (trumpet player and sound artist Liz Allbee and guitarist and instrument builder Sukandar Kartadinata) will take over the Kunstquartier Bethanien foyer. Their intervention will feature hacked multi-channel trumpet and bass guitar in an aim to activate the unique resonant surfaces of different makeshift performance spaces: windows, doors, stairs, walls, chairs, vans, buses, boxes, insides, outsides, ups and downs. Ganzfeld will present their "Guerilla Spatialization Unit" at surprise points during CTM 2017 – announced the day of via the CTM Facebook page.


The CTM 2017 MusicMakers Hacklab is created in collaboration with CDM, and supported by Native Instruments and the SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Ganzfeld appear at CTM 2017 with support from the ENCAC network, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Byrke Lou[DE]

Byrke Lou is a Berlin-born artist and musician who experiments with the physicality of matter, sound, and the theoretical models we invent in order to communicate with and describe our surroundings.

Ārash Āzādi[IR]

Arash Azadi is a young Iranian instrumentalist, multimedia artist and composer whose work is influenced by philosophy and creative technologies.


Ganzfeld is Sukandar Kartadinata and Liz Allbee. Together the two musicians comprise a mobile audio spatialization unit featuring hacked & self-built quadraphonic trumpet & quintaphonic bass guitar.


Veteran DJ, radio host and promoter Uta is one of the go-to persons in Berlin’s bass music scene. Together with Sarah Farina and Kepler, she runs Rec Room, the go-to party series for devotees of UK-influenced bass music.

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