Health vs Hedonism

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: 3 € / 5 – 7 € day pass


15:00 16:00

Talk by Emily Hodge.

This afternoon, hosted by music journalist Lisa Blanning, provides a platform for a few female and female-identified groups to not only present themselves to the public, but also to meet, exchange and cross-pollinate everyone’s work even further.

Following discussions by New Emergences and DJ collectives Mint Berlin, Discwoman and Sister, Health Psychology Specialist and Coach Emily Hodge gives a talk presented with global initiative, oriented to all music professionals, from artists to organisers. Her work is dedicated to supporting people through challenging times in health, life and self. With a specialty in anxiety, major life trauma and resilience, Emily will facilitate a workshop style session aimed at artists and creatives covering:

  • Physical and mental challenges faced by artists
  • Lifestyle factors in health – addictions (drugs, alcohol, social), diet, exercise and more
  • Strategies and skills for managing anxiety, overwhelm, confidence and resilience
  • Why vulnerability is key
  • What is needed and possible from the industry as a whole to support artists more?

You'll walk away understanding a little more about your own mental and physical challenges, techniques you can use to support yourself as well as awareness of the impact of good and poor wellbeing on performance.


Presented with – a global network of women that work in the music industry. The network's vision is to create an environment that supports collaboration, creativity and positive values.


Emily Hodge[UK]

Emily is an ex-NHS (UK) health professional with over 15 years experience in health and wellbeing, supporting people to live healthy and happy lives. She’s worked with the entertainment industry supporting artists, managers and label staff to understand the impact of health and resilience on confidence, wellbeing and performance.

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