Ir Regular

Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 15 € / box office only! Includes Berghain programme


23:59 12:00

The artists presented within CTM 2014’s Ir Regular programme at Panorama Bar constitute a stylistic spectrum: from the purist but nonetheless exploratory and forward-thinking techno of Berlin DJs and producers Mørbeck and Marcel Dettmann – both of whom draw heavily from Berlin’s underground technoverse of the 1980s and 90s and the signature Ostgut aesthetic of impeccably produced, punishing techno – to emerging DJ and producer Moiré, whose still-undefined style tests the possibilities opened by loosening techno from its more traditional 4/4 structure. His debut EP on Actress’ Werkdiscs imprint gestures towards the featured techno abstractionist’s approach to crafting immersive, experimental matrices within contemporary dance music. A new album from Actress, Ghettoville, was released on Beat Records in early 2014. 




Actress + Young Paint[UK]

Actress is the pseudonym of British musician and producer Darren J. Cunningham. His shadowy, unpredictable music draws loosely on 2-step garage, bass-heavy sounds, and London’s rave heritage. For CTM 2019, Actress will explore the creative and social potentials of machine learning and artificial intelligence with a two-night world premiere performance with AI Young Paint.


German producer Mørbeck began his career in music as a teenager, producing hip-hop in the 80s and 90s. However,  in 1978 he shifted his focus from rap instrumentals to techno, drawn to Berlin by the city’s growing reputation as techno’s most vital organ.


In physics, mathematics, and art, moiré describes a visual effect of two identical patterns superimposed onto one another with slight positional variation, creating a warped composite image imbued with a sense of motion and dimensional texture. The London-based producer has adopted the Moiré phenomenon as his production alias, implying aesthetic directiveness tempered by slightly idiosyncratic, left-field inclinations.

Marcel Dettmann[DE]

Marcel Dettmann is a contemporary techno figurehead. The German producer and DJ draws from a deep knowledge of the genre’s dynamic and variegated origins to put forward powerful, immaculate, and exploratory sound.

Marius Reisser[DE]

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