In physics, mathematics, and art, moiré describes a visual effect of two identical patterns superimposed onto one another with slight positional variation, creating a warped composite image imbued with a sense of motion and dimensional texture. The London-based producer has adopted the Moiré phenomenon as his production alias, implying aesthetic directiveness tempered by slightly idiosyncratic, left-field inclinations.

That the artist has partnered with the Werkdiscs imprint is thus fitting; the Ninja Tune sublabel is headed by techno abstractionist Actress, who also performs as part of CTM 2014. Moiré’s debut EP Never Sleep (2013) is an homage to his saturated experience of London and its electronic music scene, the sonic expression of club-induced and creative insomnia. Among the EP’s tracklisting, the inspiration for “Lose It”, featuring Lessons and vocals from Heidi Vogel, is described by Moiré as the moment of coming into oneself and one’s sound within the heady maelstrom of a club, and is complemented by Actress’ deconstructed, dancefloor-ready rework.

Still a newcomer to the electronic music circuit, with one follow-up EP on Rush Hour, Rolx, from that same year, the bold stylistic ambulations and physical quality of Moiré’s early undertakings indicate a promising new contender capable of coming into being in any number of configurations.

Ir Regular

Panorama Bar, Fri 31.01.2014, 23:59

Moiré, Actress, Marcel Dettmann

, Mørbeck, Marius Reisser