MONOM, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin Map
Tickets: 45 €


23:30 08:00

Overnight concert by John Connell

CTM returns again to MONOM, Berlin’s Center for Spatial Sound to present a new series of works in 4DSOUND. Following the success of last year’s overnight experience NOQTURNL, Berlin-based composer and media theorist John Connell returns with limited-capacity long listening session Interiority

Interiority is a listening-based inquiry into the potential for the mind to consciously remake itself. Performed entirely in the dark, spatialised sonic objects emerge as manifestations of inner experience – complex, symbolic representations of pre-verbalised mental constructs – interacting and mutating in physical space, allowing participants to monitor, process and re-contextualise their meanings. Integrating fragments of ‘memory’ into a cohesive whole, Interiority works with an experimental methodology that seeks to define a framework for consciously navigating psychological space, using spatialised sound design and narrative.

Attendees are invited to submit audio in advance, which will be woven into the evening’s palette, encouraging participants to monitor, process, and re-contextualise memories. Audio snippets should have significant personal meaning – for example, snippets from old family videos, personal thoughts or conversations captured on phone recordings, jingles and sonic memes remembered from childhood.

Please note that Interiority is an overnight performance to be experienced in its entirety. Beds and blankets will be provided, but warm clothes and additional covers are recommended for comfort. Breakfast will be served the next morning, following the event. Due to the extremely limited capacity, CTM 2019 Gold Pass holders must register in advance for this event.


John Connell[UK]

John Connell is a Berlin-based composer and media theorist with a deep interest in the way technology and media can alter perception, affecting the formation of our personal and social constructs both positively and adversely. His central focus is listening as a practice in itself: how our ability to listen opens up new levels of awareness about space, both the external and the internal, and the implications raised for art forms and social interactions.

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