As If We Were Seen

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
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21:00 02:00

22:00 Schtum
23:00 John Bence
23:55 Croatian Amor
00:55 Zoo

As in past years, CTM explores the noisier, harder, and more sinister sides of music. 

Austrian duo Schtum distill oscillating rhythms, noise, feedback, and microtonality into tense, menacing, and abrasive sounds. John Bence is the composer and producer behind the ghostly and ominous Kill. Released by Yves Tumor’s Grooming label, Kill tells the story of a murder, suicide, and judgment by God through the lens of a tormented protagonist, using allusions to early chant, elegies, and anguished confessionals. Loke Rahbek is Croatian Amor, who will be performing on the release date of Isa, his forthcoming album on Posh Isolation. The label co-founder’s sixth LP under this alias alludes to a messianic entity, and circles themes of tragedy and comfort to animate a sense of hope. Experimental Indonesian punk band Zoo began in 2005. Initially known for noisy, fast-paced music, they have begun fusing traditional, tribal elements into their sound. Zoo appear ahead of their forthcoming album, Khawagaka, on Yes No Wave—a record that explores their own unique fictional universe, replete with its own culture, language, and religion.



From Yogyakarta, Indonesia, are four-piece experimental and progressive rock group Zoo. Forming in 2005, the group were initially known for their fast-paced noise music—however over the years, Zoo have begun incorporating traditional Indonesian folk into their sound, carving out a new style of rock music.


Austrian duo Schtum, consisting of bassist Manu Mayr and guitarist Robert Pockfuß, focus on an acoustic and electronic spectrum, employing oscillations of controlled rhythm, noise, and microtonality. In their world of blaring feedback loops, sub-bass interference, and noise-chattering, an electro-acoustic playing field is created.

John Bence[UK]

John Bence is the young, electrifying composer and producer who has released via Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint, and Yves Tumor’s label Grooming. The Bristol-based composer is known for tackling epic narrative themes via uncompromising sonics, delivering a juddering emotional punch.

Croatian Amor[DK]

Croatian Amor is the solo project of Copenhagen-based Loke Rahbek, best known for his involvement in running renowned Danish label Posh Isolation. He’s responsible for a plethora of other projects, including Damien Dubrovnik, Lust for Youth, Vår, and Body Sculptures.

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