Photo by Thomas Ladstätter.

Austrian duo Schtum, consisting of bassist Manu Mayr and guitarist Robert Pockfuß, focus on an acoustic and electronic spectrum, employing oscillations of controlled rhythm, noise, and microtonality. In their world of blaring feedback loops, sub-bass interference, and noise-chattering, an electro-acoustic playing field is created.

Manu Mayr a double bass player trained in jazz and classical music, and released his full album Music for Breathe on Laub Records. Mayr’s most recent release is MORENE & live, which features a three-movement collaboration with composer Zeno Baldi. Robert Pockfuß is a guitarist, improviser, and composer. His musical output spans from contemporary music to new folk music. As a composer, his work includes works for the Ensemble Pneuma, choir and music theater, as well as performing in the band Arctic / Air.

As If We Were Seen

Berghain, Tue 29.01.2019, 21:00

Schtum, John Bence, Croatian Amor, Zoo