MusicMakers Hacklab: Input II

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"Oprek dan Otak Atik: Indonesia’s Hack and DIY Culture." Talk by Andreas Siagian and Lintang Radittya

Indonesians have their own way of bridging their country’s limited accessibility in the face of rapid technological growth. Culturally known as Oprek (hack) and Otak Atik (tinker), the hack and DIY cultures of Indonesia haven’t really been as well known as gambiarra and jugaad, from Brazil and India, respectively. But the creative approach to hacking, repairing, and modifying technology has become part of the culture and, for some, professional practice.

Even without formal education, Oprek and Otak Atik are a form of resistance to capitalism. Andreas Siagian and Lintang Radittya, who were our partners in the companion MusicMakers hacklab event this past October at Nusasonic festival in Yogyakarta, join us to share what experience they’re bringing to Berlin. They’ll talk about their own background in Indonesian engineering and hacking culture, how they’ve organised events and communities, as well as delve into their own work.


Presented with CDM, Nusasonic, and SHAPE, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Lintang Radittya[ID]

Lintang Radittya is a self-taught instrument builder and sound artist/performer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His current interests include DIY analogue electronics; the relationship between sound and space; randomness; javanese futurism; and the meeting points of electroacoustic, noise, and experimental music. 

Andreas Siagian[ID]

Andreas Siagian is artist/engineer working on a wide range of practice in DIY electronics and interdisciplinary art. His practice began in 2004, when he decided to teach himself how to develop software for highway geometric design calculation and planning in Civil Engineering. 

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