Svetlana Maraš


"Matter of Fact"

Installation with stereo sound, video, and 3D printed controller/ interface, 2015. Svetlana Maraš (music, concept design), Valentina Brković (graphic design), Deana Petrović (motion graphics), Polyhedra Fab Lab (interface).

"Matter of Fact" is an eclectic cut-up composition where Svetlana Maraš uses her interest in the relationship between text and music as a starting point. Rather than attempting to set words to music, she uses text as the structural element, or building blocks, devoid of its original context or meaning. In an immersive jukebox or dismantled karaoke space she plays short clips and pieces created from materials provided by Norient (artist interviews, performances) as well as original material by the artist.

By inserting a keyword into the installation, visitors trigger associated clips that re-contextualise the word in relation to the kaleidoscope of artists, perspectives, cultures and styles represented within the "Seismographic Sounds" exhibition. Detached from their original source, these words and clips become meaningless or take on new meanings when combined with other clips to produce new dialogue, turning into general statements that belong to "no one". Just like a horoscope prediction, they can point us to a new realisation … or (humorously) miss the point entirely.

Svetlana Maraš (1985) is composer and sound artist from Serbia. She studied composition at the Faculty of Music of the University of Art in Belgrade. In 2010, she held a fellowship in composition at Bang on a Can Summer Institute. She received her MA at Helsinki Media Lab - Aalto University and she was employed at the same department as a research assistant.

Maraš works at the intersection of experimental music, sound art and new media. Her work encompasses wide variety of forms including live electronic music, performance, interactive sound installations, electroacoustic compositions, radiophonic pieces, web applications, and music for film and theatre. An experienced improviser, her performative use of laptop and digital sound has led to numerous international collaborations and performances.

Her work has been presented at venues and festivals such as Espace Multimedia Gantner (Bourogne), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), A38 (Budapest), Ausland (Berlin), ICMC (New York), UCSD (San Diego) and Orpheus Institute (Ghent), and broadcast via Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Belgrade.

Maraš is a member of the ensemble Studio6 and co-founder of  improvE collective.