Re Current

Panorama Bar, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 22 € includes Berghain programme


23:59 06:00

00:00 Sylwia
02:00 Recondite
04:00 Beneath

Re Current at CTM 2014 presents young artists dealing in overcast, netherworld techno, tracing distinct though occasionally intersecting trajectories through its terrain. The programme moves from the the slow-to-build, sure-to-burn sets of Polish DJ and producer Sylwia to the lush, winterized melancholy of Berlin-based Recondite, whose critically esteemed Hinterland was released via Ghostly International in late 2013. UK artist and recent PAN signee Beneath drives towards a direct yet dismantled dancefloor, with sooty dubstep and desolate atmospherics laced through broken 4/4.



The dark and driving dancefloor distortion of insider-tipped emerging artist Beneath aka Ben Walker immediately registers as a product of the UK underground.


Sylwia is a DJ and producer from Eastern Europe, currently based in Berlin.


Lorenz Brunner is the German techno artist, DJ, label boss and sound artist known as Recondite. Since he began working under this alias, Brunner has released four albums and an impressive slew of EPs. His fifth LP will be released via his own imprint, Plangent Records, in 2018.

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