Un Hitch

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 25 €


22:00 02:00

At the core of the Un Hitch programme lies the explosive world premiere of the Moritz von Oswald Trio featuring Afrobeat legend Tony Allen. This latest configuration of the trio explores new dimensions of live improvisation and instrumentalization. New dimensions are likewise breached in projects by Mark Bain and Anne Wellmer & Julia Eckhardt, who use sound to dilate listener experiences of both external, spatial architecture and internal, temporal architecture.

Longtime master of electronic experimentalism and technical exactitude, Moritz von Oswald is firmly entrenched in the modern history of forward-thinking music. He is joined by Max Loderbauer, a constant (if somewhat reticent) fixture in the electronic music scene for decades, and Nigerian drumming master Tony Allen, referred to as the inventor of Afrobeat, for many years the drummer and musical director for Fela Kuti’s band, who has been described by Brian Eno as “perhaps the greatest drummer who ever lived”.

Using various arrays of seismological sensors placed throughout the building, Mark Bain’s spectacular project "The Archisonic" turns architecture into giant sonic instruments. Is there a future sound that surpasses the ear to engage a direct bodily experience perhaps as a kind of sensual hybrid? Can the body be the connecting point through tuned energy, attaching the self to that of others and the venue? Played live through large sound systems and injected with various bits of waveform material, the force of the building is driven within and tuned to maximal affect. As listeners move around, nodes and anti-nodes develop throughout, and the composition arrives in the individual and within the collective action taken inside the space.

Opening this intense night of sonic exploration is "green piece | memory maze", a composition for viola, feedback, laptop, and light, written by Anne Wellmer for Julia Eckhardt. The work explores the acoustic and architectural properties of a performance space, which undergoes a transformation through the enlarged microcosms of the resonating viola strings and the site-specific resonances evoked by feedback.


Moritz von Oswald Trio with Tony Allen[DE/NG]

Moritz von Oswald’s long time collaborator Max Loderbauer and Nigerian drumming legend Tony Allen round out the latest configuration of the critically acclaimed Moritz von Oswald Trio.

Anne Wellmer & Julia Eckhardt[BE/NL]

For CTM 2014, Anne Wellmer and Julia Eckhardt come together in the presentation of green piece | memory maze: a composition for viola, feedback, laptop, and light, written by Wellmer for Eckhardt as part of the "DoUndo/recycling G" project by Q-O2 in Brussels.

Mark Bain[NL/US]

The work of American artist Mark Bain centres on the interaction of acoustics, architecture, and physical/mental reactions to infrasonics – sounds below the human hearing threshold. Bain is involved in ongoing research investigating the effects of inherent and induced sonic events on structures and the people that inhabit them.

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