To Go Beyond

Presented with transmediale

Liminality entails unfamiliarity and shift—the upturning and challenging of norms and stability. Could such processes give rise to worthwhile transformations, ideas, and experiences? Are they able to resist co-optation by market forces and political agendas? With “To Go Beyond,” we consider the affordances of periods of transition and exit, and the role of care in shaping them. Part one of this module looks at the transitory spaces of the UK’s prison-industrial complex, and presents songs written in and of these liminal spaces. Part two, curated by Terence Sharpe, reflects on the late Mark Fisher’s cultural legacy, taking the concept of “egress” to consider means of exiting our current cultural malaise through analysing the politics of teleology and collectivism.

CTM's Transfer programme supports the festival’s vast musical scope. Transfer takes place at Kunstquartier Bethanien and other venues, and ties together the Discourse series of talks, panels, workshops and screenings; the collaborative MusicMakers Hacklab; several public networking events including the Research Networking Day created together with UdK, GMM, and Humboldt University; and the Interstitial Spaces exhibition.

Transfer is funded by Initiative Musik, Senate Department of Culture and Europe, and Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Government Agency for Civic Education).

This day is presented in collaboration with transmediale. Entry is included in E2E passes.

A Giant on the Bridge: Between Prison and Return

KQB Studio 1, Thu 30.01.2020, 14:00

Jo Collinson Scott, Jo Mango

On K-Punk: Egress & The Fisher-Function

KQB Studio 1, Thu 30.01.2020, 15:00

Lisa Blanning, Matt Colquhoun, Steven Warwick, Terence Sharpe

After K-Punk: Labour, Death & Cultural Artefacts

KQB Studio 1, Thu 30.01.2020, 17:00

Dane Sutherland, Dhanveer Singh Brar, Terence Sharpe