Bixa Travesty

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Film by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman (2018)

"Bixa Travesty" (Tranny Fag) is a feature-length documentary about black transsexual Brazilian singer Linn da Quebrada from a Sao Paolo favela. Facing many prejudices, Linn fights back against machismo with funk music that sounds like a gun. Through uncompromising lyrics and an incredibly strong and daring presence on stage, she provides a voice to poor, dark-skinned, trans women, confronting Brazil's conservative heteronormative society and norms.

A more gentle side to Linn is revealed through conversations with her friends and mother. Yet for Linn, personal is always political, and intimate discussions of love can easliy turn into vehement discourses on racism and poverty. The film also discusses Linn’s struggle against cancer and the treatments she had undergone. Bixa Travesty premiered at the Berlinale in 2018, where it won the Teddy award in the documentary category. It has since traveled over Europe, USA, Canada, and other countries.

Director's Note: In her songs, speeches and daily life, Linn introduces us to her difficult life. The “transvestyte” (as she likes to spell it) is challenged in the streets. Facing prejudice, Linn moves away from the victim role and grabs her weapons, as evidenced in lyrics such as “My black skin is my cloak of courage” and “she doesn’t want penis, she wants peace.” She is a super warrior in Brazil – the country that kills the largest number of transsexuals in the whole world.


Linn da Quebrada[BR]

Linn da Quebrada is a rapper confronting violences against the black, queer, and trans communities in her native Brazil. Her audiovisual epic Pajubá, seen as Brazil’s answer to Lemonade, will be performed live with a 10-person group for this year’s CTM Festival.

Claudia Priscilla[BR]

Claudia Priscila has directed several award-winning feature films such as Bixa Travesty (2018, co-directed with Kiko Goifman), A Destruição de Bernardet (The Destruction of Bernardet, 2016), co-directed with Pedro Marques; Leite e Ferro (Iron and Milk, 2010); and Olhe Pra Mim de Novo (Look at Me Again, 2011), co-directed with Kiko Goifman.

Kiko Goifman[BR]

Kiko Goifman has directed feature films Periscópio (Periscope, 2013); Olhe Pra Mim de Novo (Look at Me Again, 2011), co-directed with Claudia Priscilla; FilmeFobia (Film Phobia, 2008); Handerson e as Horas (Handerson and the Hours, 2007); Atos dos Homens (Acts of Men, 2006); and 33 (2003). He has received multiple awards and mentions for his films, which have been screened at film festivals interlationally.

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