Web 3.0: New Revenue Models for Content Creators

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Talk by Des Martin. Hosted by Jon Davies.

Music has not been the only industry to feel the effects of technological shifts. Across the internet, creators of all stripes have struggled to maintain viable revenue streams in an age of centralised social media platforms and widespread use of ad-blockers. One of the key propositions of Web 3.0 is the idea that it could transform an “Internet of Knowledge” to an “Internet of Value.” What would this mean for creators? Looking outwards from the music ecosystem, could such initiatives and ideas reshape our practices?

Des Martin (from Brave browser) will introduce new revenue models made possible by blockchain technologies such as the Basic Attention Token. Brave is a next-generation web browser that puts user privacy and security first. It not only allows a streamlined and quick browsing experience, but also the ability to contribute micropayments to content creators. Users can reward their favourite publishers and content creators; publishers and content creators can receive revenue where previous streams have been hampered.


Jon Davies[UK]

Based in Liverpool, Jon Davies is a producer under the alias Kepla, journalist, events organiser, and researcher. He has written about the relationship between politics, arts and music for Dazed, The Skinny and is currently a reviews contributer for The Wire.

Des Martin[UK]

Des Martin is Business Development Director at Brave. Based out of Brave's London office, Des works with Brave's partners across Europe. Previously, he was Head of Marketing for Qualtrics EMEA and Marketing Director at Perkbox. Des is passionate about online privacy and the evolution of the internet.

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