As If We Were Heard

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 20 € (includes Säule)


21:00 00:00

22:00 Tim Tetzner – "I Just Can't Avoid the Void in Avoid"
22:30 Caliph8 & Nonplus
23:30 700 Bliss
00:15 Cocaine Piss

CTM’s programme weaves a thread across resistance, anger, and even joy. 

Berlin-based writer and visual artist Tim Tetzner presents I Just Can’t Avoid the Void in Avoid, a multi-channel composition woven from feedback snippets of hardcore punk tracks to explore resistance to appropriation and commercialisation, and potential successful strategies for the perseverance of subcultures. Turbulent snarls, polyrhythmic beats, and warm breaks coalesce in the work of Manila-born Caliph8, who is joined by sound and visual artist Nonplus. Both have been active in the city’s visual and sound art scenes for close to twenty years. 700 Bliss is the collaborative experimental club project of Philadelphia artists DJ Haram and Moor Mother. Their debut release, Spa 700, pairs Haram’s distinctive lo-fi productions with Moor Mother’s impassioned strain of doom-poetry; delicate and eerie beats propel lyrics of struggle, subjugation, and social alienation in an unjust world. Punk band Cocaine Piss destroy everything in their path. 

Caliph8 & Nonplus appear as part of Nusasonic, a project collaboratively created by Yes No Wave (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), WSK Festival of the Recently Possible (Manila, The Philippines), Playfreely (Singapore), and CTM Festival (Berlin, Germany). Initiative by Goethe-Institut.



Manila-born Caliph8, aka Arvin Nogueras, is a sound and visual artist that explores the implications of merging, summing, and hybridization to create a new artistic syntax. In his compositions, he deploys sheets of polyrhythmic beats, one-note samples, and deconstructed cut & paste sound sequences. 

Tim Tetzner[DE]

Tim Tetzner is a Berlin-based writer and visual artist preoccupied with issues of cultural hierarchies, obsolescence, and shifting values. 

Cocaine Piss[BE]

Liege-based four piece Cocaine Piss are purveyors in urgent, nihilistic rock, melding together garage punk, riot grrl!, and experimental noise. They deliver short, sharp shocks on record and across stages in Europe. Their latest album, The Dancer, is “a raw, messy album that constantly borders on chaotic,” (Punk Rock Theory) and was released in 2016 by Hypertension Records.

700 Bliss[US]

700 Bliss is the collaborative experimental club project of Philadelphia artists DJ Haram and Moor Mother. Paired up creatively since 2014, the duo released their first EP, Spa 700, on Halcyon Veil and Don Giovanni in 2018.

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