Photo by by George Nebieridze.

Zitto is a Georgian DJ and part of Tbilisi’s Bassiani crew, along with HVL, Kancheli, and NDRX, among others. Influenced by hypnotic techno and the Detroit sound, Zitto’s responsive DJ sets reflect the desires of the his audience, perfectly balancing the context of the room. CTM is pleased to host Zitto as part of the Bassiani night for the opening party at Berghain.

In Zitto’s own words “It is undoubtedly important to have some idea before playing, but the moment when you start playing is the moment you are forming that relationship with the crowd which will shape your set. This requires some dose of improvisation as well. I believe it is crucial to be able to interpret the crowd and act accordingly.” In 2015 Zitto won best DJ by Georgian music magazine and awards Electronauts.

Persisting amidst a tumultuous political climate, Bassiani have earned a formidable reputation in the worldwide club scene for their excellent music programming, for uniting a passionate community that strives to counter injust politics, and for creating one of the rare spaces for the LGBTQ community in Georgia. After being shut down by local authorities for politically motivated reasons, the club became the catalyst and center of widespread protests that brought tens of thousands of young people to the streets, and garnered an international solidarity campaign and extensive press coverage that went so far as to positively affect the country’s restrictive politics.

Bassiani x CTM Opening Club Night

Berghain, Fri 25.01.2019, 23:00

HVL, Machine Woman, Temp-Illusion, Buttechno, Anastasia Kristensen, Zitto b2b Kancheli b2b Ndrx