Using an array of synthesizers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces confrontational and urgent techno that shifts constantly between different patterns and atmospheres. Based in Berlin, Wallis DJs regularly but also crafts original productions.

According to promoter and podcast Strictly Forbidden, “her music is a combination of unapologetic merciless rhythms, modular heat and field recordings, warmly merged together through rough dynamic transitions. Hardware is her weapon of choice and an ever evolving set-up always based upon one main instrument: her modular synthesizer.”

After a string of self-released tracks, Wallis’ debut came in the form of a split EP with Tolga Baklacioglu on Turkish club label VENT, entitled Chemical Warfare. Having played at Berlin clubs :// about blank, Griessmühle, and Arena, Club Monument magazine featured Wallis as part of their “5 emerging techno producers: Germany.”


Griessmuehle II, Sat 26.01.2019, 23:00

Wallis, Juliana Huxtable, Pangaea, LSDXOXO